Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

a day in the life of.........

man it's been crazy around here... still trying to make it through a stack of papers, no luck getting them finished by today, but I'll have 'em done by classes Thursday. Sunday I went up to the gym and worked legs before dinner, then sat at home trying to grade papers right up until 7pm when the Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelts came on.. man it was interesting, T. R. an assemblyman fighting for change at 23! then the loss of his family and then VP and then pres. the canal, fighting with the rough riders etc etc. man I was hooked. so not much getting down that night.
Monday I went to work , taught two classes and then what free time I though I had between that and lunch, oops, forgot I had a meeting w/ the Dean of Dept about a development plan..blah blah.
I did get more papers done Monday afternoon, but was leaving school at the 330pm end of office hours. got home in time to change and get up to the gym by 4, worked back and shoulders, they have yet to grow. urgh. then left after about an hour to a meeting at 530 with stock club.  We disbanded the club sort of and all the funds and stocks. but we're still meeting sort of educationally. the banker guy that leads it brought in a Hays Advisory report and some First Trust portfolios to look over...
we discussed roth iras and tranferring money into them blah blah again.
got home around 7 in time to keep watching the documenatary, except I got a call from H in Austin, but then he was eating so wanted to call me back, then two calls from A about a move job and deciding on a time and then chaning it to morning..... SO, this morning I was up at the lot moving furniture with her for about an hour and a half, ($100 job 'cause it included a bedroom set). then driving by Burger king for two ham/egg/cheese "croisandwiches". noticed a tire going flat on the way to work, (drove onto a screw at the lot). got to work, dumped stuff in my office, walked over across campus to the gym to change and noticed I forgot my TOWEL in my office, walked back, got it, walked back to gym , showered and changed. classes at 8am, 930, out by 11, and trying to decide what to do about that tire. got out there by 11:15 and was jacking it up and taking down the spare and changing it (in my shirt and tie, lovely).  then went inside to talk to the secretaries about where was the nearest place or hibdon's.   Well I thought I'd go to hibdon's and drop off the flat tire and go back and get it later since I had a meeting at 12:30... but drove by a garage across the street from the school and pulled in, they said year we'll do it, now. like in 20 min. so I sat there and graded a paper, got my truck back, $15 paid, yay, drove back to the school .turned around because I forgot my drink at the garage and went and got it. arrive by 12:30 for the meeting. after that straight to 1:30 class, got out by 3, went to office, caught up on emails not having been checked all day, printing papers, finding stuff to send to print shop to be copied, before I knew it, 4pm and I was headed to work in advising office until 6pm. whew!! afeter I got off at 6, I walked across campus to my truck, had no keys in my pocket because my key chain thumb drive was stuck in the computer in the advising office!!! oh man, walked back, got 'em, back to my truck. home please!!! not so soon.
I've been wanting a pair of shoes at the outlet mall and called yesterday to find out they went down on sale 40% off.... after today, I though, I'm going to get those shoes on the way home! (banana republic navy suede, they are SHWEET!).
anyway, I got the shoes and home by 7 to water outside some and then come inside and watch more all about the last years of Ted Rsvlt. so great, while watching I made some chocolate chip cookies, so I can take some to work with me for after my lunches this week. now I'm cleaning up and about to CRASH! I called my mom and dad first just to go on and on about my week and day. ha
okay, here's to a day of classes tomorrow morning 8, and 9, and then down at 10am and grading those papers for the rest of the day til 4! can he do it? :) cheers everyone for checking out the blog now and then.

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