Wednesday, June 04, 2014

keep it up!

wednesday in June

yeah, I don't usually have my shoes all strung out on the floor like that, I try to keep them all in their boxes or in the closet on the shoe rack/floor etc.  I bought a lot of my Medium brand footwear at this was before they finally clearances 'em and sold out that brand. sob.
anyway, dang it got hot this week here in OKC. and I am back to work. phew....I would have had a more interesting week but I went into the office last Friday and then again Monday this week working on the club newsletter. I was trying to figure out Microsoft Publisher on the computer in my office. and then get everything right and the news right etc.. photos put in, and little gardening poems and quotes throughout. I finally emailed it all out today and got some good feedback, except the lady who records the meeting minutes that get published in the newsletter, asking me to just publish them as she sent them to me, and I said sorry I had to make stuff fit onto a page or column. and she went on about how they should be the way they were approved blah blah. I didn't change the words, just the format so she'll have to suffer the differences. I am the editor after all!!! :P ha
so yeah I have two full classes and they will keep me busy because I can already tell their are a lot of second language latinos in the class and various international students in general. a former army dude that called me "boss" a few times. ??  and then today I started the student advising job. its a wed/fri thing just 2.5 hours of sitting in there and talking to students I guess. i have to kick it in and get to know degree requirements like quick!
swam laps at the college today after I finished my first advising shift at 5, then went to my office for a few hours to grade papers and do some last minute fixers on the newsletter. UGH enough newsletter already!
have been swimming laps all week and working out etc etc. move job tomorrow going to make it another busy day. in fact I just remembered another stack of papers I wanted to get at before bed. I'm out of here.

Houston, we have a problem....

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Sunday, June 01, 2014

summer weekends begin!

I've lived here for 12 years and haven't once gone over and sat down on the neighbor's porch until tonight.  She lives on the north side of my house. i live on a corner lot so there is a street between us. anyway, I've seen her for years sitting back there smoking or visiting with this couple of neighbors who always stop and talk to her while walking their dog.  I have spoken to her from the street like maybe 3 times about a tree that came down, or a storm that passed. that's about it. in fact her huband died about 3 years ago and I never realized it until maybe less than a year later when the dog walking couple mentioned it to me.  (I hadn't seen her husband in a while, but still heard his big ole diesel engine truck start up every now and then.. but it turns out she just starts it up now and then.)
Anyway, so tonight I was out trimming branches and just walked on over and made conversation, first thing she said was it looks a lot better, referring to the tree branches I'd trimmed up so that you could acutally see the carport and drive from the street. we talked about safety and then about my house, and then about my roomate while I was overseas teaching. and about the people that lived in the house before me, and the trees in my backyard and the trees in her front yard.
She told me a story about how she got her two cats 8 years ago, when some mom cat had babies under the wood pile between the fence and their carport, and how she kept moving the 3 kttens around, and once put them in the spare tire of her hasbands truck. and how he got to work and one of them had jumped out before he arrived and got killed. the other two got raised by the mom until one day she was lying under the lady's car dead with the two kittens next to here. the vet said it was probably from antifreeze poisoning.  ANYWAY, man I was over there for at an hour or more jsut going on about my job and my house and her house and tv and the neighbors etc.. when it started to get dark I came home.
well on facebook, our neighborhood association had a conversation going about all the hot rodding cars on the streets lately. so I mentioned how about a speed bump on my side street to slow down all the speeding cars going by after school gets out considering all the kids on the street that walk home.
a couple ladies said they don't like speed bumps. wah wah. i said well if your driving 25 it shouldnt' make a big difference unless you got a lo rider. ha anyway i also said how I hate the BOOM BASS cars that drive by, and how I used to call the police with their license plate numbers but I felt like a Mrs. Crabbits and wasn't sure it was doing any good and stopped. ha
Another conversation that came up a few days ago was this shopp that opened on main street and how it was of the OCCULT! ?  and then some people said no it wasn't just exotic memorabilia, and then another said, no if you check her website it says she has sessions as a medium for speaking to the dead. well then everyone got in a fit about being welcoming and friendly no matter what and/or don't take your kid walking by that store etc etc.. okay well that's the two interesting things going on in my hood. one more thing, we had a big block party last night. I was outside doing yard work and saw my neighbor wheeling his grill down the street, and I remembered the event. I went inside and made somce chocolate chip cookies and cleaned up and went on down. I talked to the dad of the kid who was dipping a few weeks ago, I think I blogged about the neighborhood cleamup. anyway he and I discussed getting poison ivy etc. I had a good time.
 Friday morning I made some scones and took a few by my mechanic friends (a former adult Mexican student from years ago) shop and talked to him for about an hour. he's still making payments on the truck I sold him, also he spoke to me awhile about the fight he had with his wife that morning and how he thought they'd probably split up and maybe he'd go back to Mexico for a few months ?!?! sad. I told him I'd pray for him to have a clear mind and make good decisions.  then I went to my office at work to share the rest of the scones and to work on a garden club newsletter that I'm in charge of getting together (the office computer has Word Publisher). Friday night went out with my vet friend for pizza dinner then back to her place so she could give me a wheelbarrow she no longer had use for.
Saturday morning I ran errands buying stuff for the yard then cleaned up the backyard and back deck. over all a great weekend. I swam laps yesterday before going tot he grocery store before lunch. and then today i went and swam laps before working out at 4 to buddy was up there too working out, today was my arm day. i dont' do an arm day unless I cn get an exgtra 4th workout day. ha was a good day for it. here are my gym pet peeves: guys that work upper body only, like noticeably.  guys that don't return weights or dumbells to their places, guys that drop weights on the ground or grunt way loud,  and cursing during normal conversation, and guys that bring a gf to their workout, and the girl puts on the dumb girl act about show me how to this workout etc.. OR she sits there taking up room on a bench while guy works out awkwardly realizing this was a bad idea to bring his gf with him. UGH!! ha ha today it was the last on happening. ha
I alwasy put away weights and dumbells left around the floor as something to do between sets while working out.  having tomorrow off is awesome. I plan to swim laps in the morning and then just chill around most of the day. maybe go into the office and work on the newsletter. i dunno. summer classes start this week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that will be fun to see what kind of classes I get. also I'm still shopping around for a ticket to Portland this summer in July. it was round trip $520 from OKC to Portland, but from Dallas it's as low as $303 with NO STOPS! so i might just drive down there and then fly out. only thing is those flight leave at 3pm and get me in there after 6pm which is still doable. and then the return flight is like 6:50 arriving in Dallas 11:50pm. I suppose I could stay the night with Randy in Dallas then drive to OKC in the morning. i'm going to see what I can find and but that ticket! ciao all,have a great week!