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glorious weekend! had a great time out with buds Friday night, was a good place for a quick healthy dinner, I had a flatbread chicken sandwich with a side Caesar salad, man that sounds so conventional now that I'm blogging it. anyway, afterwards we all drove by and walked through our friend's house that is being belt. all the builders were there working late getting that thing framed and walls in, we walked around the frame upstairs and downstairs while our bud told us what rooms were which. Hopefully we'll do drivebys for a while til it's finished. ha
 Bill I look forward to hearing what you thought about the film. I saw the Wes Anderson film Saturday night. it was pretty awesome! Wes going into some more adult deeper darker realistic stuff. I guess the guy is growing up. sniff sniff.. ha. Most of his stuff is pretty real and in your face exact with the characterizations. He repeats the getting your fingers cut off motif in this one, like in Tenenbaums where the sister loses a finger in a woodcutting accident. All the actors are SPOT ON. Ed Norton's best character work was in Moonrise. He was so in awe of the one boy's camping skills and had such heart for his situaion, and was such a dedicated troop leader. Didn't quite feel that heart and earnestness in this film, but still he did a great job. Goldblum was more deadpan that his usual hyper mental portrayals in films. The film is such fantasy that when stars appear in different roles, it doesn't throw you off one bit. Each one was done brilliantly. I think I came away from the film considering the events of the film, main plot, etc... and thinking it was overall a sort of buddy film, the story of the bond/friendship/respect developed between trainer and trainee.
I disagree with something tilda swinson said while I was going through all the film press on youtube with interviews of the cast.  She mentioned something about it being a great "hotel movie." Not so much. the hotel itself never really takes on its own personality or feels like its own character in the film. the film is based on the storytelling and interaction of all the characters involved, and that's okay. For me the hotel in the film adds to the dream of travelling vicariously and imagining the more innocent times of travel across europe if there ever was.
Mike, I will contact you about places to check out in the village.  My plans are pretty much open at this point, sometimes I just make my way walking this way or that towards a destination and see what I come across in that big ole apple.  I know I'll go by the highline again. that's a definite. and I'll probably try to have a lunch or dinner with my former student from central America. What I really hope to find is some experimental puppet theatre. If any blog reader in NYC or who knows about that sort of thing can let me know.?  The timing is always off, I read about some great interesting show happening when I'm not in nyc.  I'm buying my Bullets over Broadway ticket tomorrow. !:)
Today was so great, I didn't do too much but enjoyed being able to relax.  I went to church this morning, and one of the hymns this morning was Great is Thy Faithfulness. man I love the old hymns and it's weird but when I was singing I had to stop a few times cause I felt like I was going to cry. just got all emotional for me, I don't know if it was the words or just the tradtitional song etc. after church I came home and worked in the yard, then went to a nursery and bought some annuals and spent $65 on an intersectional peony, a Yumi itoh cross.  got everything planted and watered in and then it started to sprinkly. went in and had lunch, did some laundry and picked up, and mainly off and on this afternoon I was playing this mahjong tile game online where you have to match tiles and I only won a few times. ha  and I really didn't eat dinner tonight. instead I had a banana and then made some chocolate chip cookie to take to work and also ate the dough while making them and then a few after they came out. man that was way off my diet.  back to swimming laps this week, that's for sure. but not tomorrow. One because I'm already up to late tonight to get up that early, and also because it's sort of wet and cold tonight and I'm not feeling it getting up and going in the morning. but I'll try to follow up Tuesday morning, I DID go twice daily Mon through Fri last week. and only once on Friday afternoon. summer around the corner, get to work! :)

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