Monday, March 17, 2014

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sprng brk kickoff..................

what a great weekend! had a lot of fun in big Dallas.  got there Saturday morning just before 11:00 on my way to my bud's house, I missed a turn and ended up in Grapevine, right next to Grapevine Mills a sort of mall there.  So yeah a little bit lost.  I went ahead and drove into the parking lot thinking I'd go into the mall to use the restroom and maybe ask someone directions.  Well I parked next to H&M store and said to myself, heck might as well go in. Randy has said he might be busy and not back home until 11:30 anyway...  WHile shopping around the store I noticed a group of about 3 guys and we sort of tuned in on each other, a bunch of gay friends I guess, and then later as I was trying on a hoodie, there was this tall latin guy in shorts and polo big thick arms and nice everything holding a bag and shopping around and I think we got on each other's radar as well. of course H&M... ha.
I ended up calling Randy's BF K and got some directions, and the bought a nice basic brown hoodie and blue swimsuit, (Swimsuit was 12 bucks and I've been needing an extra pair to swim laps in.)
Went and met my friends at their place and they'd been doing lots of yardwork planting stuff outside, digging dirt, planting trees and vegetables. was awesome weather Saturday, and Randy and I went out after lunch so I could check out some nurseries, Northhaven which is always awesome and I bought some Helleborus and osteospermum. THen we went downtown to Rubiel's which was a bust, boring place. but while at the farmer's market we got to sample some of this awesome barbecue that his chef friend was supervising. Apparently they have lines all around the block for people wanting to lunch there. ha
yum! next back home to hang out and relax and it started raining. we watched movies that night, a DVD they has calls "I love you Paris" a collection of short films all taking place in Paris.
Randy had the most excellent practical nice thing I've seen in a while. a Jawbone Jambox speaker that hooks up to his ipad and just threw the music all over the room. a REALLY nice sound from such a small box. now I WANT ONE! :P they're about $179 bucks though. I might splurge and get one at Radio Shack if I don't get the iphone I'm considering....
Sunday morning I made scones for everybody, yum again, and then relaxes around chatting up the guys. How I love talking to Randy about anything, he's so smart and patient and kind. such a thinker too. I'll ramble on about this and that, and I know I lean conservative to his activist directions, but we always agree on the middle point of views on most things. I also get a kick out of how sentimental we both are about things. great buddy.  by 11 I left to go over to Garland Texas to Watson's which had some great stuff, but not the purple contorted filbert I was searching for, 'Red Dragon'. I think I might have to get one online...
I did get a little bitty started red Japanese Maple though.
drove over to North Park Mall next. walked around thinking, well I'm not here to shop for anything, jsut wanted to go by Lenscrafters. but then I walked by Banana Republic and thought, I'll look and see what they have stocked so far for spring, why not?.... then while seeing mostly the same usual stuff on the shelves, I noticed all the sings saying 40% your purchase today!!! well... as I had the really cool long sleeve sweatshirt grey/navy in my hand for $44 and was thinking, well hey why not get this only about $25 or so???  ha ha. got it! walked in a few more stores and then to Lenscrafters. I wanted to price glasses with plane lenses, I've been wanting a pair to wear at the college just for fun and look more professorial. ha ha. true, anyway, I found some awesome frames Rayban and Oakley had some sort of square and tortoise styles. but I didn't want to spend so much on the frames and then the lenses.And the more I thought about it $100 or more could be money put towards a cell phone
(I've been considering biting the bullet and getting an Iphone and contract and join the human race, thought about it the whole way down to Dallas. How I'd like to get a phone just to post photos to instagram.... ha ha  I read online today about all sort of plans and walmart's deal and other deals. but if I'm going to jump in, I want the newest Iphone and hopefully something within $50 a month. blah!!! online it says the 5s has a fingerprint system and great camera, oh also it has bluetooth which works with the Jambox playing your music without a cord etc etc etc.. I'm sure Mike in CA has all this, he's so APPLE....)
 I'll post a photo of the shirt I bought, AKA the outfit I'll be wearing in Denver Wednesday night at the Boy and Bear concert!!! woo hoo
I drove back towards OKC stopping off in Lewisville at Markwell's nursery. too cold and windy to really shop around much.
I got back to OKC by 530 and went right over to buddy S's new house and catch up with him and his bf. The bf and I chatted all about the new place and what yardwork he'd done and I oohed and aweed on a new table they'd just bought for the place. they are still working on getting the hot tub going! it came with the place on his back porch.
did NOTHING today on my first day off, mainly online researching, grading some papers, picking things up around the house as usual. and then around 230 I went to get a haircut, swam laps at 4pm an then spent a few hours out in the yard before having some dinner.
I was trying to clean up my room today and thought about how I seem to be running out of hangers. that means I need to either stop buying clothes, get rid of some clothes, or get more hangers. ha we'll see. Spring break starting off RIGHT! :)

happy St. Patrick's Day...

Sunday, March 16, 2014