Monday, December 01, 2014

vintage daninokc................(repost)

nice, uh, checkerboard there..... yeah, real nice..... hmmmm
I thought this spread of pics deserved a repost. I was going to post some clothes I'm currently obsessed with online tonight, but it's gonna have to wait. I was making cookies all night to bring to the dept holiday potluck lunch tomorrow, AND half of 'em to my 1:30 class because they were so awesome last week.  also I'm supposedly grading papers while doing all this and watching road show and still have plans to watch a few eps of Portlandia on netflix later.  oh, in other news. I had a great time at the downtown gym today, I had to switch again from the one close to my work because now THEY are remodeling. sigh.. however I caught the eyes of this guy that I've noticed there 3 times in the past few years, yeah slow story.... I know. anyway, today I was a BIT more obvious and got a smile. ;). COLD COLD COLD today, hopefully all this freezing weather will pass in the next two weeks and bring me some nice highs of 50 during my NYC trip.... yes? yes? ..... cheers

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Rex said...

Reposted for a great reason. Great pic