Wednesday, December 31, 2014

end of 2014

well here we go ending another year. This year was better than most, mainly due to my new job. I finished my first school year well last spring. had a nice trip to Colorado in May, completely enjoyed my summer, swimming laps every morning and working outside in the yard every day, except for when I was teaching the two summer classes and advising at the college. ended summer with a nice trip to Portland, and then 10 days in Jalsico, Mexico. this fall went by rather fast, since I was teaching and advising and participating on a few committees.  had a great Thanksgiving, with my austin bud here to visit. also the Dec trip to NYC was a nice way to finish out the year.  I've been doing a lot of relaxing and nothing during this break. took the tree down today.
I splurged and bought some stuff online this week. Sunday night. Does anyone else feel especially alone and single and in result you self nurture by blowing money shopping online this time of year?? ha. well I'm guilty, I bought the hairy VORM sweatshirt and down quilted Converse high tops from Norse Store .  They arrived today by 2pm and I was surprised having just orderd them Sunday night!! yay, guess what I'll be wearing in AR this next weekend? :)
I kept up with most of health goals last year. I really stopped eating extra sugar all summer but once thankgiving got here and I began baking choco chip cookies all the time, well Ii started snacking and eating sweet things again. gasp! ha ha.  but overall, I've kept it limited. but I will slim down the ole gut line again soon. this year my goal will be to continue with no sugar, and add less salt to that as well. less sugar and salt!! key to life i swear, more apples, bananas, broccoli, and less food at dinner. that should do it! ;) oh, and I went for the usual 6 month teeth cleaning yesterday and had a report of healthy gums and a lot less tarter buildup. I went back to using my brush and old habits of brushing versus the sonic electric brush I'd been reccomened to use, I know studies show it works better, but for me good ole fashion brushing has been better. I still need another crown before my back molar falls apart with the huge filling it has, but I hate budgeting that in and will prob put it off a few months at least! UGH that and just eat carefully not too hard foods, which I don't anyway.
So what is up for NEW YEAR'S Eve???  I'm going to dinner at Bellini's here in OKC at 5:30 with my best buddy Scott and his bf, also our friend J, D, and couple G and D. 7 of us? I think. they are all going to see the broadway musical Book of Mormon downtown and then J's for a party. I am going home after dinner. I chose not to see the musical on principle alone. ;)
I'm lookng forward to the new year. just continue doing what I'm doing at this point, trying to stay healthy and fitter and doing my job and reach out to students and encourage them to reach their goals. that and look forward to spring of course.  I have plans to return to Central America end of Feb for an anniversary of the school I taught at for 3 years. I'm looking forward to seeing former students and am already planning gifts for some of them and former co workers.  I hope to save MONEY for a trip spring break. London or Paris is my goal so far!! I am hoping with gas prices down this next year tickets will be more affordable???  other than that, if you know me at all, this time of year I just countdown to return of spring!! and when I can get outdoors again.
HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL and stay safe and best wishes for the new year.!

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