Thursday, October 16, 2014

norse goodness...

I'm obsessing on the above shirt/jacket right now. It's the color "deep amethyst"! I love that color, sort of a blood red color that looks great against the skin, especially in cool weather when you get a little red in the nose/face. ha I love this color, so organic. not too orangey or rusty brick red, just a bright jewel tone dark red.  well, I'd been putting off for budget reasons buying the sweater below. Which I found restocked on Norse Projects website in my size M. then last night, I made the decision to just get it, go online and get that sweater for my NYC trip in Dec. ALAS! sold out of size M. BOOOO!
and then I saw the jacket above and am obsessing now how I'd love to wear that over the "earth" colored sweater with red polk dots. So instead I settled for the grey and blue one above left.
I love the shirt/jacket thing when you can layer clothes in the fall, winter, spring. especially here in OKC when you have cool mornings and warmer afternoons, this week for example :). I also like packing clothes to wear in layers when the weather is unpredictable on a trip, my Dec trip to NYC for example...  I'm still getting that jacket, I love the color, I'm going to wait for the next paycheck though, because I already got the above grey sweater  AND the grey striped shirt below, in a state of stubbornness of not getting what I really wanted, I got two things. so bad!  The yellow sweater I'm just posting because I think it's really catching.

I'm on fall break today with THurs and Fri off for a long weekend.  I'm getting ready to pick up my truck from getting an oil change and wipers replaced.  This afternoon I'm pretty much considering tracking down stockists in the states and making some phone calls for that sweater. :P cheers

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