Thursday, October 16, 2014

dream weaver..........

I had the most interesting dream last night. I guess what made me actually even remember it so vividly is that I got to sleep in this morning without the alarm going off, so I have a theory that my mind is used to it and sort of wakes up more active even though I'm sleeping in ... I dunno.
anyway, in the dream, at some point we were looking at interiors of homes and how historic they were and could be bought and redone etc etc... however for some reason we were in the UK , and it was like some sort of northern ocean bay type sceneery, small town village and houses where the town had been left behind by people moving off and then rediscovered of sorts... I was with either friends or family, no idea. I remember long green fields of grass as long as the eye could see with an ocean in the far distance, and then a row of houses outside of town, next thing I know we're all walking up these hills and rocks to the left where as you approach the top of, you can see the ocean again on the other side, anyway, at this point I began to get rapt up in the beauty of it all. I recall seeing the clouds in the distance in the blue sky, feeling a breeze, seeing all the green land going on and then as we approached the top of the hill you got this view of a bay with a house on the other side with a light house next to, and everything was sunny and windy and the waves below were rolling in. Well what I'm getting at, was I remember feeling so so happy, like uncontainable joy at the beauty of it all. what a feeling. I remember I began sobbing and crying at the sheer beauty of it all. man what a dream!!! it gets vague after that. all I remeber was that right before I woke up I was moving through tunnels in the earth to different counries but it was as we were spirits or ghosts.. BLAH so random, anyway, I woke up and remembered clearly that I'd been crying looking down at the view of the shore and was just grinning as I got up out of bed.
I slept in a little this morning and then made it over to the college for a meeting at 9am. got home by lunch time and then enjoyed my day off. got an oil change, returned a shirt to the outlet mall. shopped around and tried on some stuff but bought nothing. success! and then went to the gym, then Lowes, and now at home jsut chilly willing. sigh.
I need to post soon about the new gym I've been going to while the one near my house is shut down for remodel  some nice new scenery! :P cheers

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