Thursday, September 25, 2014


anyone heard of the restaurant, The Heath in Nyc?  we are considering that as a place to have our one night out to dinner.... suggest any other?  also , are there "music stores" in NYC where you can get imported music? do they still sell CD's in stores, I don't even know. ha  but there are some tunes that are not on USA Itunes I'd like to look for and figure NYC would be the place to search.  the album Entity by Oscar and the Wolf. cheers any thoughts.


Mike said...

The Yelp reviews for The Heath are very high - sounds delicious, and the jazz atmosphere sounds fun.

There's Amoeba Music in LA. They have a website, but you can always give them a call, and they are super helpful. They import music, have a lot of rare, vinyl, and other items. One reason to come to LA, Dan!!!

j.lee said...

I've never eaten at the Heath, but if it is in Chelsea, there may be handsome lads to gawk at :)

Most of the major music stores have shut down in the city. There are still places for vinyl, but cds are harder to find.