Sunday, August 24, 2014

crazy times...........

well summer 2014 went by pretty fast. I decided not to teach two classes next summer, probably just one. I will still do the advising on the side if asked to do so though.  that was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.  As soon as classes were over, i left for the weekend to Portland, came back and flew out the next morning to Mexico for a week. after getting back, I had maybe 4 or 5 days off doing NOTHING ZZZzzzzzzzzz  until reporting back to work AUG 11th, and students returned the 18th last Monday.
I have a lot of students with some classes packed out at 28. whoosh! so far they seem to a be all pretty good bunches with a good mix of students.
This weekend my best buddy S and I both got off early on Friday, so after I had some lunch here at my place I went over there around 2 and we swam in the pool and relaxed and hung out up until it was time to clean up and go grab some dinner. we chose the Penn Square Mall food court where they have this place that makes REALLY good Philly chicken sandwiches. YUM. then we walked around the mall. checked out some sales. I bought some Godiva chocolate and used my member card for a free one, you get a free one every month by signing up. also we went to the Fossil store and I was pleased to find the manager working, this guy from London with a GREAT accent.  so straight though and not really having much to say other than trying to sell us something.  alas! so cute!
we got back to S's by 730 and then I left for home and he was waiting for his bf to show up from AR around 8pm.  Saturday morning I picked up my place and did laundry and went outside and worked in the yard etc, usual stuff. made some chocolate chip cookies and then had pizza for lunch. took the cookies over to buddy S's by 230. He and his bf were having a pool party, another couple came from AR and then an older gay couple from here in okc, this other single guy I see at my gym from time to time, and S' neighber , R a friend or ours.  anyway it was a good time! I was swimming all day yesterday and in and out of the pool, jumpin in over and over again and swimming under water back and forth. big fun day.  everybody kept drinking but me.  by the time it was 6 or 7, everyone had takent heir shorts off and were swimming in the pool and doing flips and dives off the board. it felt like a boys camp. ha mostly everyone had left by then except the S and his bf, the AR couple, and me, and the guy I see at my gym sometimes, that guy was pretty much flirting back and forth with the AR couple. all of us had a great time, a friend dropped back by with some pizza, we ate it, swam more, got in the hot tub, and finally around 9:30 I was heading back home. what a big day!
am ready to get back to work this weekend and then another nice long weekend next weekend. hope everyone is getting the summer ended right! :)


Mike said...

Sounds like things are going well!!!

Back at work already... dang!

EX Frat Man said...

Ah --- skinny dipping with friends is the best!