Friday, July 11, 2014

time to get up and go

who ready for the weekend?  Im' up this morning about to go swim some laps at the gym pool.  I have breakfast plans with some missionary friends home from papa new guinea that I went to college with.  They are an awesome family, and if I hadn't gotten the job at the college, I was seriously thinking of joining them down there and teaching at a school overseas again. But nope my place is at my current job as God would see fit.  I'm looking forward to catching up over breakfast this morning and hearing all about what they do down there etc...
I go into work at the advising office at 930 to 12. then I plan to come home and swim laps again at 1230 and home for lunch, then work around the house and yard until dinner time with buddy S tonight.
only 2 weeks left of summer classes! I can't believe it's gone by so fast.Lots of papers to grade between now and getting it done though. I leave for Portland the day after classes for the weekend, and the Tuesday after I get back, I'll be going to Mexico for a week. whew! summer! 
hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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