Saturday, July 19, 2014

summer weekend

good morning from Arkansas.  I drove up after work yesterday with buddy S.  took him over to see his partner and then drove back to stay with my college friends as usual. I'm not longer on the bottom bunk in their boy's room.  they have a new house in town so I'm downstairs on a twin bed mattress on the floor of the "library" sort of room right inside by the front door of this new house.  it's a nice place.  the husband and older son left early this morning for the monthly WalMart headquarters meeting. Lenny Kravitz is performing in a big ampitheatre. should be exciting.
I will hang out with the wife and other kid this morning, go and see my ex gf at the bakery where she works. drop in and see my best bud from college days and his kids, then this afternoon, I plan to visit a former college roomie and his wife that I neve rsee when I'm in town usually but was just as close to in college as anyone else I visit. It's hard to see everybosy, so I like being up here this unplanned trip, going to relax and take it easy.
work week went really great! I got all my students papers back in 2 days, handed back on Thursday and they have the last paper due Tuesday. I'll grade it, and have it back by the last day of class next Thursday. woo hoo.  I also work in advising twice this week, and I'm really enjoying speaking to all these high school grads that come in all wondering what they're getting themselves into and what classes. and how they have to decide so young what classes to start out with. ha
yesterday there was a tall dark haired New England guy from Maine (is that considered New England) who had moved to okc 2 days ago. his grades weren't high enough to start college math and English so I was trying to encourage him to re take the placement tests. What was cool is how motivated he was to finish college in 3 years. he had 3 years of sign language classes in high shcool which I thought was cool. he said he does a LOT with special olympics every year on account of his autistic brother, and that he took the ASL classes in order to sign with the deaf kids at the events. Ahhhh!
summer is going by quick, get yours on this weekend and enjoy the cooler weekend..... :)

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James in Maine said...

Maine is definitely part of New England! :) Have a great weekend!