Wednesday, July 23, 2014

summer gettin' real.......

craziness.... man this is a busy week! the world seems like it's falling apart and I'm headed out to Portland OR! last week of summer classes, tomorrow is my last day, will be passing back their essay 4's and then we'll be doing our final assessment in class and that's that! I'm hoping to get them all graded during office hours tomorrow afternoon and into the computer and grades DONE before I leave.  then I'll be ready to get my SUMMER ON before reporting back to work AUG 11th.. wah wah.
going to Dallas Friday morning, flying out to portland at 3:30. arriving at 530. driving to Tualatin to stay the night with a fellow gardener I know from buying plants from him online, and we connected on Facebook, and since I'm going to see his nursery, I took him up on his offer to stay the night Fri. I'm pretty sure he's part of "the family" but I'm looking to just make a friend so don't get any ideas. ;)
anyway, Saturday lunch or so, I'll be connecting with a former highschool friend. staying with her and family that night. Sunday lunch with a college buddy, then back to airport . driving back home to OKC Monday morning and flying out to Mexico for a week on Tuesday morning! SUMMER TRAVEL!!
back to last weekend. I had a great time in AR.  I made a point to visit a former college roomie and his wife who are not on social media so I am never in touch with them, and when I DO visit AR I never see them. SO I went over there and caught up all afternoon Saturday. really really great time. next went over to buddy J's house and sat on the porch talking the rest of the afternoon and goofing around with his 3 kids. gave him a nice big hug, a couple of 'em. good man.
dinner with the ex. I celebrated a birthday last weekend! so it wsa great to be with some solid friends. plus my best bud S from OKC rode up there with me. I took him over to his BF's house Friday night and then we met Sunday halfway and then drove back to okc. talking the whole way, love sharing all my thoughts with that guy! nicest guy you'll ever meet!
After I got home Sunday, I mowed and then checked what I had for dinner in the house, not much. I know dinner definitely included making a half batch of chocolate chip cookies and eating some of 'em before they made it in the oven. ha I think I blogged before about how I like using coco palm sugar for half the sugar and then 1/4 part of sugar and brown sugar if tha tmakes sense. yum!
so anyway, I was grading papers all last night and then tonight after I got off from advising at 5, i went straight over to my folks place for a b day dinner and cake, although belated. was GREAT! my sisters and parents went in together to get me a cushion and pillows for my porch swing, and my mom gave me a set of 6 small sized wine glasses that were her mother's.
man I'm beat. looking forward to getting work over with tomorrow and coming home to choose just what to wear to bring to Portland for the weekend, I'm going with two outfits tops! plus what I'm wearing on the plane. I am flying a ghetto airlines that charges for everything!! UGH so instead of my laptop bag and carryon bag, I'm just going to throw my laptop and cord into the carry on etc...
BTW, does anyone know if there are airlines that if you cancel a flight, you can still use the credit to a ticket later? or does no refund mean you lose the money forever?  I thought about taking advantage of a deal for a NYC ticket under $300, and then if I couldnt' go when fall gets here, maybe I could put the money towards a ticket later.... BLAH. cheers all, enjoy your SUMMER! :)

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