Saturday, July 12, 2014

great weekend....

great day yesterday! meeting my college buds for breakfast was awesome. they had 3 kids with them. they've been in the states for about 2 weeks and have a few weeks left, doing road trips all around from DC, MN, and OK,,,,,,, now to TX. seeing family mostly and a few friends and church supporters along the way.  I had a blast catching up and discussing all the things about living over seas as a missionary that you adjust to, and also the things about the joy in life it gives you that people who only have an American culture mindset might not understand about it.  Man I can't tell ya how cute the kids were at age 12, 8, and 4.... they were mostly groggy and clinging and snuggling to mom and dad since they'd been woken up early to make it to breakfast.  the kids were also very chilly because their bodies have adjusted to living on the hot island and are not used to the cold AC going on here. ha  and yes of course all I could think of is how I wanted kids.  wasn't God's plan it seems.   one of the parents used to be an FBI agent for several years before they both quit their jobs to go overseas. It was intersting to hear about all the stuff they see in the news down there, and how it's frustrating no longer having high access to the real information. We discussed at how much falsehoos is in the actually news media and how no one even knows what the real story is behind the scenes. Anyway, it was frustrating for my friend to read headlines about international stuff going on in the country they live in, and not be a part of the back story and intel. alas!  Apparently the fbi recruits math teachers! ha also those with a lot of languages.
I got to work by 930 and advised quite a few students, helping them enroll in classes and choosing plans. It's a lot of fun to talk to the high school graduates, seeing a kid take charge and sit there facing a sort of real life independent plan about what they want to do next in life. ha and plans may change, but here they are getting started in college and saying i want to......  there was a cute guy who was enrolling in basics and was undecided, although he spoke spanish since he had so many latinos at his highschool. so I threw out some Spanish and it was fun to see this totally white kid keep up with me, both of us trying to get our gringo minds around the words and communicate. ha I was impressed by another graduste, a girl, who;d just had a baby in Feburary, and kept a 3.9 gradepoint finishing high school, she wanted to be  nurse and had no qualms about enrolling in chemistry and biology and getting a full load. whoah! best of luck to her.
there is a guy there, i forget if I mentioned him last week. I think he's a bit younger than me, not sure because I can't tell if his hair is really natural brown or if he's keeping it sort of brown. ha average guys with a sort of solid farm worker guy build, anyway his jeans on Fridays are filled out nicely in front. you cant help notice each time he walks out form his office to get something off the printer. I keep going into his office with little quesitons about advising or a few times to say hi and look at his fish tank. anyway, I noticed a photo yesterday on his shelf, so now my challenge is to figure out how to find out if he's married or not, cuz for a few weeks now I was thinking he's on my team, but yesterday I wasn't sure. last week we were chatting and I thought I got a couple of polite to loud laughs during the conversation, you kinow how people do...... anyway.
I swam laps after work and then went for pizza lunch, came home and messed around. Met my buddy S last night for dinner at an Italian place at the mall, and we commented on how the majoriy of people working there were asian, sort of intersting at an italian place. and in fact the dark interior could easily pass for an asian restaurant. ha. shopped all around and I bought stuff and he bought nothing!!! ugh, he has the money but will NOT spend full price, or even sale price, he's the kind of guy shops only sale stuff marked further down, and then you'll see him buy more of the same blue shirts he already has tons of!!! ha ha, j/k. but still, I dont' ahve as much self control. I bought a nice aged comfy white sweatshirt at the fossil store, and a long sleeve shirt for work that I wanted last fall and found marked way down!! awesome find. got a few things at the william sonoma and PB store. we made plans for dinner SAT tonight at his place with some freinds in town G and D who are coming over to swim at 5 and then dinner after. I'm goig over way earlier to swim like during the day time, 3ish. ha!
plan to stay home and work outside today, get to lowes for some supplies.  I'd like to try and get a work out and swim int here, but not sure I'll have time to plan it in.  hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! :)

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