Sunday, July 06, 2014

good weekend!

summer is going well.  I was in the pool a lot this weekend over at buddy S. His bf is here all weekend and we had a good time going out with J and friend D from Houston on Thursday night to dinner at Bellini's at the Waterford hotel, then over to see the progress on J's house. Friday day off! was awesome just lounging around the house and outdoors playing in the yard, not a car on the street until probably after 8:30 and then lots of cars going by approaching 10am because the street half mile away was blocked for the city parade, so all the cars trying to get around passed by, ha. also passing by were lots of families with lawn chairs and decked in red, white, and blue going by down to the parade.
I made it over to S's by 1:30 I guess for lunch and pool time, had to get out by 3:30 though to come back and meet my vet friend A at my place. She and I spent the rest of the 4th together, going over to the outlet mall, then dinner, then back to park near the local park and wait for the firework show. awesome 4th!
Yesterday, I worked outside most of the morning, then went over to S' again to hang out near the pool with him and his bf and a another married older couple from okc who came over.  hours in the pool and back home by 5ish ? I guess, waited for S and bf to come by and I ran over to the outlet mall with them again just to socialize.  today was church this morning, and I'm going to drive over to my hs friend, the girl I move furnister with, A's house, the one with the wife and new baby. I got them a couple baby gifts in NYC and have to get them over there! ugh, so I'm making myself do it today.
otherwise, I think I"ve had enough sun and pool, going to hang out at home today and maybe clear out the shed in the backyard and clean it up and try to move it actually. maybe I'll jsut clean up the back porch instead.\
hope everyone is having a great fourth.  Central American Blogger, you're right about the speedo's. however it's hard to wish that more guys would wear them in the states, because everyone is fatter and more obese in this country so maybe not a good idea! ha
I finally bought the ticket to go to Portland, OR end of July.  I'm visiting a garden there and seeing a high school friend and college friend. so that's three things to try and fit into one weekend. we'll see how that goes. ha.  I was invited to stay at the place with the garden overnight, so that should be interesting, he's a dark haired guy around my age, fellow landscaper type guy and part of the family, as they say.

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