Sunday, May 18, 2014

weekend end...

had a great time on the house tour last night, there were surprisingly a lot of gay guys there. Probably because there is this older gay couple that get all the neighborhood functions together and invite all their other gay friends. none of them lived over there, same as S and me and our friend G who came with us (his husband was in Tulsa last night)... anyway great time had by all, I was at home doing whatever and then thought I'd better shower up and get on over to S place. showered up and shaved and decided to wear my "power gay shirt" the Babar t-shirt some readers may remember from last summer. It always gets a few nice comments and fits well, anyway I wore that with grey jeans that fit just tight enough and then some grey tennis shoes etc. anyway, so i was off and over to S. we chit chatted a bit and he showed me what yard work he'd completed out by the pool. then we went over to G's who invited us over for "drinks" before the home tour. we went over there and he had all this cheese and cracker stuff laid out and some drinks, I just had water, ha but man I loved the white cheddar cheese from seaside cows or something like that.  he had a lot of fun with us last night, and I think it does a married couple to get out alone now and then with the guys. lots of fun.
we arrived to this big two story house in the back yard all set up and tons of people like at least 50-70 maybe? hard to count, we got some plastic cups of wine and stood around a bit, this one guy we know Mickey came over and we said we'd go with his group on the tour. I noticed my pledge brother from college fraternity and smiled and waved. he came over and talked to me for a while and we reminisced and then I introduced him to my buds.  I love seeing Kevin anytime. he's got a bf of 15 years and is looking good and is the same super nice fun guy. I always remember how nice and shy and funny he was in college. I was in his pledge class although I only went to that college for one year, my freshman year, and then returned home to go to junior college for a few years. well anyway, we always talk about how none of us were out in college and what other fraternity brother turned out gay etc etc etc. our usual conversation. 
I also noticed this guy with the nametag John on. and it reminded me of a few years ago when I was still going to clubs how I saw the same guy out and always wanted him!!! ha ha. anyway, he was ther with his steady bf also. ha well we all ended up in the same group with Mickey which was a lot of fun and started walking around the neighborhood going in and out of houses, many done in Tudor style back in the 30's ? I guess... I enjoyed seeing how all the houses were done inside and of course all the landscaping done or not at each one.
church this morning was great, we had our third gay talk in sunday school this morning.  It went pretty well. basically they talked about those who judge against sexual immorality and how no one is perfect straight or gay when it comes to sex and all that, anyway, that's what I got out of it. I like that my church is opening up to at least not getting thrown into the pit with all the hater churches. It''t terrible that's what churches have become known for. what I thought was interesting is they were talking about gay Christians. but the one he mentioned was celibate. and he was like, why should I have any conversations about who he's thinking about having sex with, i wouldn't talk to any of you about who you want to have sex with.. etc etc. and one guy mentioned the gay football player who was kissing on tv, anyway I had a lot to say but was quiet as a little bitty church mouse. ha ha
did some yard work today, planted a Cotinus smoketree, variety Ancot or Golden Spirit in my yard today. made some banana nut bread, which took an hour to cook, so I went to the gym and swam laps while it cooked. came home and got it out, cooled it off, cut me a piece, yum, and then took the rest over my friend A's house for her and her wife, and I got to see their little baby. coulnd't stay long since I had to be at S's by 5 to go out and have some dinner. we tried this place called CoolGreens which has healthy salads and really really good sandwhiches, although you aren't going to get out for less than $13.
anyway, tomorrow I plan to get up, maybe swim laps, make some scone to take to work, go into work whenever I'm feeling like it. we have a required luncheon for profs, but I have to get there early in time to work on finalizing my grades.  I made an appointment today to see my doctor tomorrow about the poison ivy,  to be on the safe side before my trip, i decided to get in there and get a shot! happy Monday all. 

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