Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the rest of the shopping damage done....

shopping haul from last Wednesday, well first I forgot to show the SWATCH watch I bought the night before.  and also from H&M the night before the two drawstring bags on the left.  I was searching all over trying to find a small bag to carry around with while walking around NYC and carry my map and camera in, yes I know dumb that sounds but you forget I'm not a smartphone person... ;). anyway also I like to carry a jacket or pullover etc.. stuff like that, Anyway, they had these great bags for $5.96. I carried the black one around with me the rest of the week, and sort of turned the print side toward my back while carrying it around. and at that price I went ahead and got the camo one too, perfect for when i'm off to the gym in the morning for a swim and want to throw in some clothes to wear home in a bag. okay back to shopping, at Uniqlo, the 3 pairs of socks and the super cool knit print polo shirt, $22 for the shirt! ah yeah. and the light blue shirt w/ dark blue specs all over was from Levi's store.  I was cracking up and how PACKED the Levi's store was in SOHO, mainly bunches of international euro types in there...it cracked me up because it's sort of brand that in OKC no one would give 2 cents about, they make jeans that's about all anyone thinks about, nor would they think of it as a brand of clothes to like want to shop and wear.. ha ha. anyway, obviously it's an American ICON brand name and thus the tourist shoppers.  I had walked into a Levi's store near the highline (Chelsea?) earlier that morning and saw some cool stuff there but the clerk was telling me how it was the higher end collection at that store, oops wrong store for this teacher... anyway I was happy with the nice fitting short sleeve t I bought later.  the last thing I got was the army green linen button up short sleeve shirt. of all places, I found that at MUJI store. I had to have this one because I love wearing that color green in the summer, also since I'm going to Mexico late summer, I thought a few linen shirts to have would be a good idea. anyway, what's not in the photograph are the things I bought from Dean & Deluca store, 4 cans of decorating sugar crystal, 2 white, 1 yellow, and 1 party mix, and cans of dark chocolate hazelnut, and a tea towel which I mailed all home with the other things mentioned above that same day. ha

oops I forgot to include the shirt I bought on Thursday at Banana Republic, I was wearing the brownish jeans and navy button up i bought the day before and wasn't feeling it, so after arriving at Rockefeller center, I shopped a bit at the BR there and found this awesome plaid long sleeve button up, cotton/linen blend. I kindly asked them to steam it for me and wore it out of the store. :P wore it the rest of the day, one the plane the next day, freshened it up before and wore to dinner w/ friend Fri night, and then same outfit to church Sunday. ahh yeah! :)

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