Tuesday, May 20, 2014


outfit for the trip today, Sanuk "sandals"(always wear slips ons through airports), grey jeans, brown Fleet Fox t-shirt, lightweight Banana Republic athletic pullover I've had for ages and is awesomely versatile, brown hoodie. those are my layers for whatever weather, although once the cool of morning wears off I think today should be pretty nice and sunny in NYC. I have  direct flight from okc to Newark arriving around 11am. so hopefully I can get to the Jane by 1?.. we'll see about that, when alone I always take the bus shuttle that you can get round trip tickets for I think $25 unless it's gone up. the bus drops you off at Grand Central, so from there it's a few subway rides etc etc.
I packed two pairs of jeans, one a tight Hollister blue jean, and the other an awesome black washed blue H&M pair I got in Dallas and haven't washed once since. :P I am bringing my Boy and Bear tshirt to wear around tomorrow, a couple of knit long sleeve shirts, one black, one navy, and I'm bringing with me the K'way rain jacket hoodie I got a while back in NYC, in case it rains I'll have it packed away in my things.  My carryone is pretty light and not too full, I hope to fill it with a bit of shopping though while in NYC, today it's about hitting the Joe Fresh store and tonight "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder". oops, I think the clock says the time i wanted to leave this morning. cheers.

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Mike said...

Have a great time!!! Can't wait to hear all the details!!!