Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NYC log day two...

last Wednesday, I slept in as much as I'd like and took care of things online then went to the cafe downstairs next to the Jane Hotel's lobby. They had these great old lamps on the bar, cobra lamps so cool.  I went out towards the hudson and looked out across the river towards NJ and the Statue of Liberty in the distance, walked around and took photos of things and the architecture looking towards downtown. next I made my way up to the High Line. I'd seen it before but still.... then back down towards the village and the home of Edna St Vincent Millay on Bedford and Commerce St. It's the narrowest house in all of NYC at 9.5 feet wide.  It was the carriage way of the house to the right of it, and then they filled the property in with a 3 story house. It last sold about a year ago for 3.5 million or so, and you can see the redesign and remodel what it looks like inside here.  The older buildings on the street built by the Dutch have brickwork done with a "Flemish bond" with the short side of brick next to the long side of 2 bricks deep then another short, etc.. Carey Grant also lived in this house at some point.. btw.

Next I made my towards 14th and Houston.. I was prepared with a 14 page print out of a Walt Whitman walking tour to guide my way, wouldn't you know it, the tour took right through SOHO so as I moseyed along I also stopped in and out of any store at will.  The photos below show a Deli which used to have a different name and with a bar in the basement where Walt Whitman would go for drinks and hang around with other writers and editors of the time, many who admired his writing.  next photo shows a firehouse still standing with the same facade. Whitman would also go here to have beer with the common man working types, and took Ralph Waldo Emerson here for drinks when he came to meet the younger writer in NYC.  the third photo is an older house on the same street, Broadway. I took this photo because the information on the tour about how Houston street is pronounced "House-ton" and is thought to have derived from the Dutch word 'huis tuijn' which means house garden.. anyway, the guide also pointed out that this could have been a brothel during Whitman's time..

I walked all the way downtown to city hall, where the tour ended pointing out the fact that just north of St Paul's Chapel used to stand the Astor building and this is where Whitman was standing listening to Abraham Lincoln before the Civil War started.  man was it interesting! I got back to the hotel in time to lay around for about an hour before heading out again uptown to Wednesday night's broadway show Bullets Over Broadway.  Another great night, and man what a production, the songs and dancing were non stop.  took me a while to see Zach Braff as a character and not think of him as Braff on stage, ha also at first I couldnt' decide if I thought that he was playing the character too much like Woody Allen or just like the character. overall everyone did an excellent job and there were some really blow out number singing and dancing and sets moving on stage all at once. whew! great show.

after that show I walked around Times Square again and then to bar over on 14th street for a drink, then back home day 2 done! :)

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Harold said...

The pictures inspire! Looking forward to my (1st) trip to NY mid-July.