Sunday, May 04, 2014

full weekend...

the weekend started out well enough. last week went nicely at school. Only two more weeks of school left so things are sort of winding down, the time of year I look forward to finishing up the semester and at the same time regret having to say goodbye to the students, each class with it's own unique combination and personality depending on mix of students.  So basically they are all turning in their last major essay, so last week was all about prep and review of the rough draft. Thursday I brought one of my classes orange/chocolate chip scones, and Friday I brought my favorite out of 3 classes scones also. those were busy morning getting things baked in the morning and trying to get to work on time. whew.  Friday only about half the students showed up to classes, what with a rough draft being due and it being end of semester with everyone busy.  While sitting in my office Friday afternoon, the hour I have before leaving early at 1:15pm on Fridays, I decided to email all the students who came to class and tell them Monday attendance was optional, if they wanted to discuss with me more about the essays due this next week on Friday.  Then I emailed all the students who were not in class to come to class.  So that will be my Monday. Tuesday I have 2 other classes turning in papers, and then those 3 classes will turn theirs in Friday. that's a lot of paper grading coming up this next week and weekend! but I'm ready for it. and I was ready to enjoy a nice no-papers-to-grade weekend. :) (see photo to the right of my new baby, Stihl cultivator, which I've put to good use already last weekend)
Friday I left school and came home to walk around in my yard and pick at things and take some photos of things. then was online a while and as usual around 4 I got that feeling of, right now I could take a really nice nap or get up and get to the gym. ha  I went to the gym and swam laps and was going to work out my arms but what with no one on the gym floor and the place feeling empty, I couldn't get motivated.  came home instead and milled around the house/yard until I had to leave around 5:30 to get over to buddy S's. we went to dinner with friend J at Iguana grill northside, then drove by the house J is building. got home in time to water some stuff outside and then relax before going to bed.
Saturday I got up and picked up the house with plans to get over to S's by 11:30 to help him and his bf move a huge table and chairs into their new place.  well the warehouse was closed or whatever, so the guy is going to have it delivered instead. We went out back and talked all about their pool and I watched them sweep up the pool and play with the filter and such and then returned for home after stopping off at the grocery store. I had projects to get to and the weather was just excellent. cleaned up outside and inside. ate lunch, and made a lasagna casserole.  My idea was to get my friend A and her wife over for lunch today, Sunday. I messaged her but hadn't heard anything all day. I made the lasagna planning to either reheat it up Sunday or if they couldnt' make it, then I could freeze it and take it over since they are getting ready to have their baby.  
after getting the lasagna in the oven, I began cleaning up some and then got a message from my buddy in dallas, R.  He was coming to OKC to work on an article and do some interviews and wanted to crash over at my place. of course I said, come on!  I got the lasagna in the fridge and left for downtown.  I had been invited to dinner with S, bf, and J BUT I was planning all week to see a film showing downtown, "Finding Vivian Maier" about a photographer. zipped downtown in time for the move and was home by 7:15 to get the extra room ready for R's stay. 
The film:  it showed some great ART!! but was not a great art documentary. during the film, you see so many photos and most are stunning, audience almost gasping at some images. they are GOOD! however I suppose I was left feeling that the film should have let the art speak for itself.  Basically some guy bought a box of negatives and found out they were awesome photos, and then searched out all the other boxes sold of this woman's stuff, and then went to find the storage space she'd kept and was given everything by her caretakers. he ended up with tens of thousands of photo images either on negative or on undeveloped rolls of film. quite the find! However as much as the guy goes on about getting her established in the art world as a photographer great, you can't help but feel he's in it for the money number one. Which of course I don't discredit him for at all. But I feel like the film could have been done a bit more responsibly, in that she's not there to give her side of the story, and the film carries on a bit too much about the way she treated the kids as a nanny.  I understand the film was about finding out who this mysterious person was, but I would have preferred to find out more about her as an artist and less about what dark side she may have had, I understand the search for her identity/personality, but too much time spent on that. also a bit of cheesy motivating background music throughout. again, I'll just say let the art speak for itself, or play more of her actual found voice recordings, or give us more about the subject matters, locations, style of shots, culture references, etc..  really is worth seeing the film for the images on screen. simply wonderful!
well so I got home and vaccuumed and cleaned up the guest room, walked around outside for a while. 
Next thing I get a phone call from A. her wife is in labor at the  hospital, I talk and get all excited and ask if I should come up or wait until the morning. we decide that she has friends and such there already and coming in the morning then I can see the baby since it hadn't come yet. how exciting! and forget them coming for lunch obviously (I'd been trying all spring to get them over for lunch before the baby came and they won't be going anywhere, but missed it! ughhh that's what I get for putting it off so long.)

and then later around 930 got a phone call from R saying he ran into a bit of drama and needed my address. he was going to follow someone to my place.  turns out that while at the clubs interviewing someone, he'd had a drink and ended up going to his car and passing out. he only remembers some tall black guy knocking on his car door and asking him for his ID. he recalls asking him if he was a cop, the guy leaving him alone and then falling back asleep.  He came to later find his wallet and laptop had been stolen. He felt sick/queazy/ and not right. which is why his friend had him follow his car to my place. He arrived and I told him start calling your banks. which he called his husband and got some account numbers and then began making calls. his credit card already blocked but the debit cards weren't yet and had activity at lady foot locker for amounts of $400 and $800. what a mess! he felt sick and queasy throughout, and while staying with R in dallas, he and the husband have a drink every night, he can handle his liquor, so what with having one drink of vodka yesterday poolside with whoever, I told him he HAD to have been drugged or something. why would some guy be knocking on your window to see you ID?!?!?  with the way he was feeling like he was going to throw up and not able to think straight, we agreed he HAD to have been slipped something. no telling! whoah. 
anyway all that kept me up way later than usual, and although I would have liked to sleep in this morning, I was up by 630 tops.  now I'm about to get up and make 2 batches of scones for Sunday school class. The closet me thinking if they haven't figured single me out yet, this is sure to out me to someone or another. ha... not sure what time R is leaving, but there is a selfish side of me that hope he feels well enough this morning to ooh and aw over my landscaping before heading back to Dallas. also I know I'll be having lasagna for lunch, but I'm not sure if I should invite S and the bf over or just take it all over to my friend A's. oh yeah and I need to figure out when I'm going to the hospital before or after church.  hope everyone is enjoying a nice weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Dan, dude i was exhusted trying to read about your weekend. I only got about half that much done.
OK, why aren't you my neighbor here in Charlotte ???

btw, i freakin love the new tool for your yard was it expensive ??