Wednesday, May 21, 2014

brief update...

today was so awesome, I woke up and had breakfast at the cafe here downstairs, then walked over to the highline, next over to Bedford and 75.5 Commerce St. then a sort of Walt Whitman walking tour in and around Broadway and 14th all the way down to City Hall. was great to read and locate all the places, for example the firehouse where Whitman took poet R.W. Emerson for a drink, and where Whitman stood and listened to Lincoln give a pre civil war speech from the Astoria that used to be north of St Paul's Chapel downtown. good times and took my own little tour of a few soho stores along the way. Stopped off at the Post office on Canal street and shipped it all home.. :)
been resting up and showered up, now I'm off to find something for dinner and then get on to the next bway show! maybe going by Nowhere bar on 14th for a drink after the show at the suggestion of a friend. ciao all.

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