Sunday, March 09, 2014

Winter, move over........

well my buddy S got moved into his new house this weekend. He has been staying here at my place for just over a week. We drove all the way back from Bentonville to OKC last Sunday right through the winter storm, slow and steady and made it back in one piece.  It was fun having him around all week although he was pretty much on the phone with his realtor and bf about every night in preparation for finalizing the closing of the house last Friday.  It was nice having someone around watching tv with and getting meals with. Yesterday I went over there with my vacuum cleaner and helped tidy up a bit and after lunch we started going back and forth from his storage unit moving stuff into his place. A couple of friends helped us, our friends G and D. anyway  the place is a very big house with 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths and a huge game room, huge dining room etc etc and a 8ft fenced in backyard with an in ground pool and two patios (the house is sort of L shaped) the patio that you walk out from the game room has a hot tub and outdoor fireplace. the patio you walk out from the utility room which is off the kitchen, that patio has a granite topped bar, grill, fridge, and both covered patios have ceiling fans.  I can't wait to get some plants in the back yard around the pool, it's already landscaped nicely with trees and such. Will be a fun summer getting used to taking care of the pool and seeing what comes up and how he's able to manage his yard. lots of pool time coming up next summer too! :P
So we moved stuff in all afternoon and then our friend J came over, he'd been in TX for work, and we helped unpack and move boxes and J is good at putting stuff in the right place, not S's thing.
we went out to eat an Mama Roja's on lake Hefner for dinner and then left Scott on his own in his new place.  He'll be coming over again today to get some more stuff here and then I plan to head over there and hang out and vacuum up the brick surrounding his fireplace inside. I might bring a few of my afghan rugs over to see if he can use them until he gets something.
I told S that I predict us shopping on Saturdays at estate sales and such for furniture for his place. ha meanwhile.. my job is going well. still loving it and my students and just hoping to keep doing a good job.  It's weird instead of dreading going to work on a Monday how I look forward to it, and instead of not being able to wait for the semester to end, I'm sort of dreading that 'cause I like the students I have this semester. I haven't been blogging much lately, but I haven't had too many deep thoughts to share anyway. Also as i reflect upon why I'm not blogging, I think I'm still adjusting to missing all of Rugbysex's comments and then of course all of our back and forth emails that would further discussions.  alas. but thanks to readers for keeping up with me and the blog. I've decided in lieu of quitting for good I'll jsut keep it going at my own pace.
Right now I'm just looking forward to spring break.  Flying to Denver the 19th for a concert that night, Boy and Bear, and then Thursday my hosts will show me around then I fly back home Friday morning. I have a garden club meeting that Friday night go figure.  I am also making plans to get down to Dallas perhaps NEXT weekend.  I like going down there and shopping and this one particular nursery called North Haven Gardens. This year I'm shopping for Japanese Maples and Helleborus, and then whatever I think looks interesting for the yard.  I plan to stay with Randy Potts and get to hang with him and his hubby and catch up which always cheers me up. they are awesome.
I'm hoping to teach two summer classes this year instead of one, which will be extra income to save up for hopefully more travel this summer! I'm looking into going to Portland in July, and then somehow I want to visit some missionary friend in August, but I don't know since work is taking me to El Grullo Mexico for a week.  so DEFINITELY fall break gotta get outta town somewhere.
enjoy the nice sunny weekend! spring around the corner and as usual it can't come soon enough for me to get out in the yard again. :) 

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