Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rocky Mountain highs..................

had a great time in Colorado last week! we'll do bad news first. the bad news was upon arriving at the airport Wednesday afternoon, I found that since I did not book my ticket on an instead used Expedia, I had to pay a carryon fee of $50. boy was that an unwelcome surprise! I could have just got in line and paid $25 and checked in as a carryon, but what with the short trip and all I hadn't packed the woven plastic market bag I usually bring folded up inside my carryon in case I have to check it at the gate, so as to protect it. Hello! this IS my favorite Monocle edition Porter Boston Bag that I've carried on all over the world and had for maybe 8 or 9 years?? thing still looks new!
anyway, so I paid the fee and headed on to my gate, then had quite a conversation with other travelers while waiting for the flight,  many also unaware of the carryon fee others who were. Guess i missed the small print somewhere.  the facts are this: If you buy your ticket with Frontier on line, there is no carry on fee. otherwise you can check in your carry-on online before the flight for $25 fee if you used another service for the ticket.  Also you can check in your luggage for $20 online, or $25 at the airport.
(I checked in online before returning, and went ahead and carried it online again what with the $5 difference of checking it with baggage.  overall this means I could have just spent $75 more on the plane ticket in the first place, carried on a bag for free and enjoyed a free drink during the flight, fee for everything on this one.  basically, I guess if you plan ahead just right, you can still take advantage of the cheaper fairs of Frontier. but still I wasn't happy overall. ha)
Now onto the good news, great trip!! I was shuttled to the Payless car rental upon arrival, and got a nice 4 door nissan sedan and was off to  Hiway 70 around to 470 and then exiting at some point SW Denver.  I went first to a Walmart to get a few things so I could make scones for the family Thursday morning. arrived about an hour after the kids had got home from school and all were happy to see me. the kids were hovered all around and we all talked and questioned and I caught up with the wife, she was/is the best friend of my ex gf in college.  Her husband wasn't due to arrive later that night, he was my former roomate in college, great guy!  So we all hung out and the wife showed me all around the backyard and front with plant questions. the kids asked me to play with them, the little kid anyway. the kids were 7th, 4th, and pre kinder. the little prekinder boy was an energetic cute and the whole trip he wanted to play with me, sit next to me, or a few times just climb up in my lap whenever I was at the desk using their computer. great kids. while they had dinner, I tried some Elk that they had prepared for me to try. good stuff.
well we took the kids to a wed night church function and left for downtown, the husband was getting home later and would pick them up and get them to bed later.  THey'd agreed the wife would be going to the concert with me since he had to work early  morning anyway.  We went out to eat at Los Chinonges which was awesome, on larimer same street as the concert at the Larimer Lounge. Boy and Bear in concert was AWESOME, better than the album just about, just excellent I love it. got a few t-shirts and an extra to mail to my friend's daughter at college who recommended the band.
Thursday morning I got up and made scones, the two older kids were up getting breakfast and eventually the wife was up and we all ate a scone with breakfast, the husband left at 5am early to get to  a const. job outside of town. hung out all day with the wife, going to historical Littleton CO and then downtown to 16th street, shopping and walking and lunch at Madgreens. back later that afternoon to get the kids from school. the husband wasn't arriving til later so we drove over to historical downtown Morrison and had icecream and then walked to the elementary school to see some of the red rock in the area.  the husband got back later and we he prepared some cedar smoked goat cheese which we had with wine and crackers. next he and I left to downtown for dinner at Highland Tavern on Navajo street northwest of downtown. my second Dives and Drivein's tv show recommended stop of spring break, (the frist one was in dallas last Saturday). anyway that wasn't by plan, just something the husband was a fan of. We watched OU lose a basketball game and had dinner and drinks. had an awesome discussion about guys we knew in college and how we both woudl like to be missionaries but couldn't, well I've done a bit of travel/work already, and thing is he has the wife and kids and she's not the sort to just up and leave and go somewhere. ha
Friday morning, the husband left way early again to get out to a job, and I had breakfast with the kiddos and wife and then left to the airport. flew home etc. was a great weekend.
my buddy S and his bf have invited me over this afternoon to catch up before we go to dinner with a friend in town, J.  oh yeah, I turned in my taxes Friday to turbotax, and this year I get more back, 1300 from federal and pay less to state, 160. woo hoo. I' going to go ahead an aggressively seek a flight to NYC in MAY and get me a ticket or two to see Bullets over Broadway.  I will probably get two tickets whether my austin buddy ends up going or not, so stay tuned any readers in NYC.  :P

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Mike said...

BF and I had to do our taxes together this year since we are domestic partners... I'm waiting for my, say, $1300 or so.

You made it a little further west I see...