Saturday, March 15, 2014

morning yawn................

One strange thing about my weekends now and then is the fact I can't sleep in.  I'll wake up and look at the alarm clock I turned off the night before and it will say 6:08 or some time juust before 6:21 am, which is what I usually have it set for.  I don't even get up at that time usually.. in fact I don't know why a lot of people do this but it's  not even set to the right time, I keep my the alarm clock by my bed set 20 minutes fast, and I also keep the wall clock in the kitchen set 20 minutes ahead, which I can see from the table where I keep my laptop sitting while I watch tv or get work done.  I guess at some point I developed the theory that if I jar my mind into thinking I need to hurry when I glance at the clock and think time is getting away, that it would prevent me from running late getting places. As it is, I still find myself leaving places so as to arrive just on time.  I've considered it many times and wondered why I have some sort of fear of getting places too early and suddenly having nothing to do, is it a fear of losing the freedom and control of what I do while at home, an attention deficit thing of not being entertained while waiting, thinking that I could be doing something else instead of time lost waiting...? probably none of that, but one thing is for sure I'm much better getting places on time/before time than I was in college getting places sort of casually socially late.  Of course when I look at the clock I'l just subtract 20 minutes in my mind, and a lot of time I just sweep the mouse on my laptop down to the corner so that the real time appears anyway.
So yeah I'm up early this morning on a Saturday I thought I might sleep in a little. but that's okay since I wanted to leave the house at 730 to drive down to Dallas. I have a little pile of clothes ready in the living room. some work pants and shoes and simple long sleeve shirt to run around and shop in with Randy and Keeton, we're going to shop plants and go back to their place for some landscaping projects. unless it rains all day of course.  I prepared some comfy Sanuk shoes to drive down in, and an old pair of blue converse to work around in. some grey jeans to drive back in tomorrow, and the thing I'm most excited about are some footie socks I ordered in the mail from uniqlo that I opened last night and will wear new today a brown pair and a sort of heather blue pair with green and purple stripes.  ahhhh accesories, the little extra mathching accenting parts of an an outfit..... :P
I went out with S and J last night for dinner.  S and his bf were going to come over this morning to empty out my freezer packed full of all of S's food and frozen beef that his parents always sends him when they have a cow slaughtered. since I'm leaving early today, I told him I'd just bring it all over before dinner. we then met J at belle isle brewery and sat in a booth as usuall and chit chatted all through dinner. usually we catch up on whats going on at our jobs, and S's current relationship or all of our past trysts with guys in town. ha I'm sure this probably sounds pretty normal.
Let's get this spring break started!!! cheers all.

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Mike said...

I am always awake on the weekends between 5:40 and 6:15. I hate it, but I guess it is a good thing as it keeps me in check during the work week. I always have to get up, walk around, or do something, before I can psyche my mind into letting me go back to bed.

That's why I was up at 6:30 this morning. Oh well, I need to pack for my trip anyways... Mexico City today.