Saturday, March 29, 2014

giant saturday...

Great start to the weekend Friday, finished all my classes and ran into some former students in the hall after my last class. then went to my office for office hours and same student appears with questions about homework for Monday. then we talked about stuff in general and ended with a conversation all about the weather and tornadoes.  after he left i had my lunch. I always pack a lunch in the morning. I have it down to a science of getting ready, after my scrambled eggs are done, I put them on a plate on a plate which i set on the hot burner with the pan laid upside down on it covering the eggs, and I put my bowl of instant oatmeal in the microwave for 2 minutes, and then during the two minutes I get out the bread, turkey, cheese and mayo and make a sandwich. place it in a bag with a banana and some chips and set it on the counter ready to go. turn and take the plate of eggs and bowl of oatmeal to the table and begin my breakfast with laptop on and tv on with local news. eggs first, oatmeal next, then two bowls of cereal . yum I love my big breakfasts, I know I've blogged about it all before. oops.
anyway, so after I finished my lunch Friday another student came by, he needed help understanding his assignment and I scolded him a bit for not turning in the last paper and told him to do so promptly and talked to him about keeping up with work and asking for help, and always come by etc etc. 
I'm sure he's concerned about his English, and I told him I'd help with that, he'd just have to come see me before turning in his essay and get some help about the language and flow etc..
I scheduled my office hours on Friday so that I get out by 1:15pm but since I had nothing pressing to get home to anyway, I stayed around grading stuff til about 3 and then left for home. swam laps around 4 and then headed over to buddy S's place. we hung out for about an hour . I brought him a gift I'd been working to getting fro his new place, a set of Frankoma Aztec white plates and bowls etc.
I've been collection them here and there on ebay for a while. I was trying to get a set of 8 places but it lacks one dinner plate. but I wanted to give them now anyway.
we went out to eat next and met our friend J at Iguana's on N western. mini tacos and then we drove around Nichols Hills and looked at all the big houses. then S and I went for yogurt.
today was a full busy day, got up and made some orange and choco chip scones and the brought them to my friend's work, then went to home depot to get some lumber and other supplies. I got some grip gloves and while loading up the lumber I thought, hmm I'll use one of these gloves as a flag for the load sticking out the back of my truck. ha  Maybe it'd make a good tumblr theme, things guys improvise and use as a flag of something sticking out of a pickup.  I know that I've tied jumper cables around stuff before and let the red end hang down as a flag. ha .
I am also going to post a photo of a blue guitar.  I thought it looked pretty cool. I have a friend who owns a guitar making business overseas. and this one was a trial using indigo and eucalyptis found locally, anyway I thought it turned out awesome looking.

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Mike said...

Breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day... oh... but Mike can make a good breakfast... lol. 2 days a week is good, weekends. Super fluffy and wet scrambled eggs, bread (sometimes homemade), avocado/guacamole, crepes, crepe pancakes... good times...