Thursday, March 13, 2014

free falling in to spring break....

here is a link to movie called Freier Fall.I watched it last weekend and the movie really stuck with me for a few days.  I couldnt' figure out how i felt about it, I guess it was the ending and I wasn't sure how I wanted it to end, was the happy ending him coming out or staying with his wife or the guy or? I was undecided like the guy in the film, but he does decided at some point.
I really liked the way the two guys were drawn together and the turmoil it all brings up. the sex and nudity parts are all tastefully done as well. Anyone seen this? I'd be interested to hear any thoughts.
otherwise, I'm geared up for spring break.  I don't know if you remember the two guys I had in class last semester that were buds and woudl sit and giggle at stuff I'd say in class? well one of the guys I have again this semester and he comes by my office now and then. he came by last Friday to get help on his paper, and then he came by again this week Mon and Wed just to chit chat for about 20 minutes. He's a great kid and I like joking around and making him laugh.  other kids have come by as well for help with their papers or to turn stuff in late. THings continue to go well this semester, although I had all 5 classes turning in papers this week. I finsiehd grading 2 of them before spring break, and will continue with the rest with all my time off during break.
plans! I plan to drive down to Dallas Saturday morning and see my bud Randy and his husband. they live west of Dallas and are doing a big yard project.  I had plans to go shop at NorthHaven nursery and maybe some others... and they'd like to go with me, so we'll go run around and then get back and do some digging, unless there is rain I suppose.
I got Moonrise Kingdom in the mail from Netfilx, so I'll prolly take that down with me in case there's time for a movie.  Also i plan to bring ingredients with me to make them some orange choco chip scones Sunday morning.
the best thing about srping break is how it gets me closer to April and then after that I just count down to April 15th, our last usual frost date! and then summer is ON! oh yeah and next week I'm flying out to Denver Wed for the BOY and BEAR concert that night, will stay until I get back Friday.  I have rented a car so as not to be a burden upon my hosts. only an extra $100.
Did I mention I sold some CKEC stock? and of course it's gone up 2 more dollars since then! HA! but I bought it at 1.25 so I decided to sill it and get out while it was high, I left 100 shares so it remains a good investment.  I plan to use the cash to take a tree down in the back yard. I'm still getting estimates. the last one by a company wanted $1500 for one tree, so this lady my sister works with has a conractor husband who wanted to look at the job..... ha . some of the money I'll be planning to put towards my truck payment, and/or also I need to do some repair to the roofline of my house in places.
THis summer I'm teaching 2 classes instead of just one, so that will also provide a bit of extra income. part of which I plan to spend before classes start in May on a trip to Dallas! ha
Right now I'm getting a little gift together for my buddy Scott as a housewarming present. I can't mention it in case he reads the blog, but I think ti's something he'll like for the new house! more later....

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Anonymous said...

I saw Free Fall. The very last scene where is is running w the other cops then switches to the forest then blacks out......he had breathing problems did he have heart attack or..what is your conclusion
we know his friend has left the area
You will also like Pit Stop.....