Saturday, March 01, 2014


Hello from Arkansas.  I drove up yesterday after work with my bud S from OKC. his bf is in a prodIuction of Les Mis at the Rogers theatre. so we plan to go and see that tonight.  was a great drive up chit chatting with S the whole way. we stopped off in my college town for dinner downtown with my best bud Jf and also my friend T, the girl who came to stay last thanksgiving., so it was fun to have my 3 best friends at the same table, very surreal when worlds collide like that. ha
I've been pretty busy with work, grading papers a lot the last two weekends and keeping things going in my college office. I'm just sort of counting down the days to srping break at this point. I have plans to see Boy and Bear in concert in Denver that week. can't wait to get away!:)
I got my lawn sprayed last week with pre emergent weed killer, although I called the guy sort of late in the season. but he's a good guy and a low price so I'll plan to have him back in the fall and next winter.
I sold my carmike cinema stocks last week. It was a big decision. well I bought 300 stocks back when it was 1.25 and then this week it hit $30 and I thought, well now is as good a time as any. I only sold 200 shares, that way I kept a little bit.  with the money, I plan to use some to get rid of a tree in the back yard and have the other tree cut back for safety.  they are both Silver Maples. the WORST for windy OKC. It's a great tree for a fast growing shade, but awful in the spring the helicopter seeds fall down everywhere, and then branches fall down every windstorm etc ice storm. and the roots are surface roots and get up into everything. so getting rid of one will help out all my landscaping and the sucker roots.  I hope to some day build out onto the back of my house and then have the other tree removed. we'll see... :P
anyway, the rest of the money I'm going to pay off half my truck payment or put back into Marvell Technology stocks. If I pay down my truck, then I might sell off my Ford stock and pay off the other half and be done with it. I'm thinking about how I got the stock cheap, invested, made money, and now I should use it to pay off the loan, so i don't have the monthly car payment and can enjoy myself while young. but I want to do the smart thing not jsut the fun thing..... alas.
I have not posted in a while because I've had so much on my mind, I'm going to try and get a post up abotu it. basically I was watching the Olympics non stop. and then the whole Ukraine events drove me crazy keeping up with online, and the all these police issues in Austin and Moore... many thoughts. and sad.
I had a great week at school and continue to love the students. I pray every morning that I put others first and not me first. I want to be totally goal oriented on what the students need to hear and do in class. that helps me remember to keep my mouth shut and not go on about random stuff and keep the discussion applying to topics in class. ! :)
I'm still swimming every day and back in a routine of lifting weights. although I lost some days this week since I was moving S out of his house for a few days. he's going to stay with me until he gets his new house. a nice big place with a pool. I told him I'd be the pool boy and help keep his pool up since it's going to be a lot more work than he's used to. I'm also really excited about his landscaping and back yard.  I'm so glad for spring. Still trying to make plans for a NYC trip in May. we'll see....

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