Sunday, February 02, 2014


survived my weekend. did you? I went to the Oscar nominated animated short films last night with buddy S. they were all pretty entertaining, the one called Feral was random with abstract sort of ending. There was a really good one from France with steam punk theme and great effects, but my favorite was a Japanese film called Posessions. S however thought the Oscar should go to Room on the Broom. we'll have to wait and see .... today I walked to church and back due to lots and lots of snow. although after lunch the sun was out and it cleared up . so I drove to the store for lemon, oranges, broccoli, and brown eggs.  I needed the lemon to make some scones to take to the super bowl party.  This time instead of orange and chocolate chips, I made them with lemon zest and white chocolate chips. they turned out pretty good.  I met S at a friend of ours place, Robert.  a bunch of people were over there, and all had brought food or drink.  A couple I've known in OKC for quite a while but never see and only run into about every other years at these kinds of social things were there, Steve and Dustin, both super nice guys. So I got to chat with them a bit and catch up.
Well the game was a quite a bust, regardless of who wins, never much of an exciting game with that sort of scoring going on.I'm looking forward to getting back to school tomorrow strangely, thus with my new job every day is just a fun day I guess.... ha
I am looking forward to spring break. I've decided to visit friends in Denver. well, actually I've bought tickets to see Boy and Bear in concert. They are an Australian band I like and the closets they are touring to OKC is Denver! ha (well SXSW in Austin also but that's no guarantee you can see them in concert). anyway, so I'll be flying up there on a WED am and seeing them in concert that night and then back home Friday, I'm hoping that Tuesday I can find a good price around $200 and then book the flight. have a good week all!

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