Tuesday, February 04, 2014

wintery Monday....

Did anyone watch the Bill Nye science guy debate online tonight at the Creation Museum? I watched it for a little while and then closed the tab on my computer screen... I had a great day at school today. We had classes delayed until 930. so I had extra time this morning and to make use of that time, yup I baked. Today was my mom's birthday so I made her some orange chocolate chip scones and brought them over to her and then went to my 9:30 class. Didn't have my 8 am class for the second week in a row on a Tuesday missed it! I had to email the class to just keep reading and be prepared to come in Thursday with the assignments as scheduled.  So yeah I'm just loving my job.
I'm trying to make an effort not to be too personal, and not try to be cute and funny with my personality. I don't know if that makes sense, but I really want to stay focused on Others first, not me first.  So by that I mean trying to not just get laughs to feed my own ego, or start to talk just to enjoy having the audience. BUT what I want to do is to be somewhat interesting and funny to keep them amused and participating in whatever we are doing, and whenever I'm going on talking that it's applying to an issue we're discussing in the class.  So those are my goals. I'm also trying to be very equal in giving students my attention, I want everyone to feel equally involved.  My goal is sort of like trying to be that person who always made you feel that only you were talking to them or mattered? you know how people can be like that.  So with my short attention span problem, I am hoping I can slow down and really look at students in the eye, and really listen and respond. anyway those are my goals...
Something I hope to start tomorrow is a sort of moment of silence/reflection before class starts. I'm going to try it and see what happens. basically it's based on the theory of meditating once a day and how that is proven to help you focus and stay on the task at hand and not carry about the usual worries upon your mind.  Basically it's proven that if before you start your day or work or project etc.. and spend a moment quiet, reflecting upon what your doing, throwing off worries of this or that from that morning or day before etc... then you end up doing a better focused job.  I guess I've read studies somewhere or another. anyway, so without doing any touchy feelie meditation sort of thing. I plan to just ask everyone to close books, become silent, and I'll ask them to put their worries aside, and begin to focus their minds on whatever we did the last time and what we're doing this time etc etc etc... well we'll see how it works. I think it will be beneficial since we have such a mix of busy students balancing their work life and school like and family life, plus the fact that I'm making everyone keep their cell phones put away out of sight this semester!!! yes.My Division Dean is really very supportive of such stuff, and had a prof that actually does a ringing tone bell before all his classes talk about it to us a few years back. good ole liberal college! gotta love it. :)
i swam laps after work, I did an extra set of 3 laps, I hope I can start to get more laps in. I want the cardio!  I'm really trying to be more relaxed about the life guard situation at my pool. they are just a bunch of high school and college type kids who life guard. but I've been keeping a mental list of things i'd like to "recommend" and today I was adding to the list how the life guard was wearing jeans and boots? And I thought to myself is that regulation lifeguard wear? Would she be able to swim and save someone? and of course i know nothing about lifeguarding, I just noticed the boots and it got on my nerves. walking out to my pickup I said to myself, just let it go, relax, they know what they are doing, the world is not perfect and you cannot make it that way etc etc... sigh. What started the list is 3 times I've seen goofballs swimming laps who don't know what they are doing and swim into someone in another lane with the lifeguard just sitting there blah. once it was me swimming laps and some kid swam right into me. So that drives me crazy, it's like, lifeguard observe use the whistle!!!!!
another thing that annoys me, (sorry to gripe, I like to keep the blog positive) is that the pool coordinator never has the new pool schedule put out until the day of or after the old one runs out. so anyway, I just got to let it go and get a life, i know I know... ha ha.
strange thing happened on facebook this morning, that guy who I reconnected with on facebook had posted a photo of him and his son after working out at the gym with their arms up flexing, I think the kid is like 9th grade around that age, anyway, what was weird is you could really see the bulge on that kid in his flimsy shorts. I thought, ummm that might not be quite appropriate I wonder if they know or care or what the deal is... ha ha. anyway, I was going to save the pic to email to buddy S and say, is this not right? but before I could get back to facebook at work today, that guy's account was turned off. OOPS, i bet someone reported it or someone griped to him about it.  The guy is super cool nice outgoing guy, I'm pretty sure he didn't' even think about it, just a pose pic with him and his kid. but yeah I guess I wasn't the only one thinking, uhhhh you can see it right there kid, hey dad maybe another pic or tell the kids to wear underwear at the gym?? ha oh man! maybe he's just a proud papa.
hope you get off to get week everyone, let me know if you are enjoying the winter weather or not, we're getting lots of it here this week, but i'm fine as long as school is not closed. cheers.

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