Saturday, February 08, 2014

Sochi olympics opening ceremony uniforms and outfits....

one of my favorite outfits was that of Canada, bold black and red. those black toggles in front. nice job Hudson Bay!!  I also liked the white striping on Lebanon, and mostly their hats!

Well, Argentina had a uniform that looked like the set up crew, and Denmark had outfits that looked like maybe they were journalists... But I suppose when you live in a country where every single person is completely beautiful, you don't have to try too hard. seriously anyone I've met from Argentina or have seen in a Danish film, BEAUTIFUL!!! ha see how I keep it positive around here...

Netherlands, so bold!!  Great Britain was right on target for 2014, they looked very modern and clean. spectaculer!

France was all CLASS, fashion chic!!!  I'm biased 'cause I love brown and grey together.  And then Norway also looked nice and modern, love that light blue pant with the bold flag flying above. mmm

Tonga was so colorful, what a graphic! and Ireland got some jeers on some sites this morning, but I loved the horizontal pattern and sort of a faux camo look. It's Ireland, come on, green! I like it.

Ukraine, really like the busy pattern with the flash of yellow. and how about the sweaters on Andorra? I have no idea where that is but nice sweaters!

I also really liked the Mexico sweater, again with the contrasting white lines.  Poland was all right, and Spain looked pretty sharp in the cute black hats and red jackets, seemed fitting.

Serbia, really liked the graphic on the scarves draped on the blue.  Russia, another favorite!! that solid navy with white collar above the red . well done!! also the santa coats were fun. really liked that.  I have to hand it to Kazakhstan, it was like if you were watching a movie where a country shows up to join the fight and they bring strength and hope, what promising clean shiny colors, and I really LOVE how the flag guy was in traditional dress. way to Represent!!

Speaking of represent, stars and stripes baby!!!  yes it's  busy pattern, guess what, it wasn't designed for you to wear to work or dinner!! It was designed for this global international once in a lifetime event.  Just check out the crowd with all that red white and blue in a sea of stars. Hey man, it really stood out from all the other outfits and I was fine with it.  Of course it's basically a throwback to garish graphic 80's ralph lauren or tommy hilfiger style.  Perhaps for future Olympics they can get an actual sports company to design something, or maybe a young designer who understands sportswear. For example check out the snowboard jacket below. I'd wear that out all weekend here in the snow in OKC if I had one, it ROCKS!!!  Winter Olympics brind it on! :)
what were your favorites or least favorites? anyone watching?
Hopefully people can enjoy and appreciate the culture and people of a country without judging it based only on govt policies (or uniforms). I'd want the same from anyone judging the USA. I can vouch for the beauty in people of Honduras and Afghanistan, both of which may not have the best record on human rights issues. I bet the same could be said for a lot of places in the world. I'm looking forward to learning more about the people and places of Russia. Bring on the Olympics!


Buddy Bear said...

Go Canada! I love a their outfits, but I'm a proud Canadian.

Anonymous said...

I will not judge the people on the uniforms. However, I do judge the the government. ( I believe the Russian Orthodox Church supports the Russian Law) We all have a moral choice to support oppression or to oppose it. When the history of this time is written the question will be bad people did, but what good people did not do.