Tuesday, January 28, 2014

winter wonderland Tuesday

good morning, got a half snow day today! I was up early, shaved and shirt and tied, looked outside the front door at everythign blanketed in the white snow, and then sat down and noticed the tv had closings running including my college with classes cancelled until 11 am. and that was at 630am.... ha
well I fixed a nice long breakfast, my usual 3 scrambled eggs, bowl of instant oatmeal with golden crisp cereal on top and then 2 bowls of Honey nut Cheerios mixed with Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. Mmmm.  and then put some music on and did some laundry, changed the sheets on my bed and put the others in the wash, replaced my new duvet cover and then put all my shoes in boxes and back into the closet, changed out a rug, did some dishes, emailed some people, looked around online for plants and perennials for this spring. hmm guess that's it so far, ha I plan to call the Monocle Magazine store in NYC next to renew my subscription. I forget if I blogged about how awesome Monocle magazine is. I've subscribed from the start and last November, I tried to renew by phone as usual and my card wouldn't go through at the NYC store.....so weird, I called my bank and they said VISA was blocking it since it was going through to a bank in the UK, which for whatever reason the bank told me this a few times and a few times they had no idea why my card wouldn't work in NYC. LAME!!! so I've had my college bank account at ARVEST since college for whatever reason, and called that bank for a new debit card, since I hadn't received one in years since I never use that account. well they sent me one, and my goal today is to use that card and try again to renew subscribe.
okay well, now here is the cool part, I talked to the store in NYC a few times, and then I emailed Monocle back and forth a few times, i was nothing but pleasant and kind gushing about how much I loved the magazine, how I love travelling (back when i used to travel) with my two Monocle version Porter brand Boston bag and Shoulder bag, etc etc... and the last email told them I wasn't satisfied that I couldnt' subscribe in the states at the NYC store and the only other option was to give London my information and get charged an overseas subscription rate etc etc... anyway the last email pretty much said they'd renew it and I could pay when possible. :) I was shocked, and please not to miss a copy. So anyway, I got the new card at some point before Christmas, then got busy with the holidays, and today have the extra time to follow through and pay for the renewal! i don't want to take advantage of their kindness. and have put it off too long already.
I missed my 8am and 930 classes this morning, but I'll be up there by 11 because I agreed to sub for a friend's class today. I would have been going up there anyway to do office hours and plan stuff for tomorrow etc etc. Swam and worked chest at the gym yesterday! today is swim and run treadmill only. I've decided my new goal is to do chest MON, rest TUES, Back Wed, Legs THurs, and arms Fri, then rest on weekends we'll see if that works or not. one thing I'm excited about this semester is ending my office hours by 3:15pm int he afternoon, that gets my home in time to warm up swimming laps and then get in a work out. spring is around the corner, but for today, enjoy the SNOW! :)

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