Monday, January 06, 2014

winter time, time to think....

Live at Lime - School of Seven Bells from SkyRide Productions on Vimeo.
I'm re-posting this song in honor of Kyle Meredith, R.I.P.
I had a great weekend, basically just doing not much of anything. ha.... I got back from Dallas Thursday night, Friday made two trips to the gym to swim laps once before lunch, another before dinner, met AV my vet friend out for Pizza dinner. Saturday morning AV came by at 930 and picked me up to go shopping at Quail Springs mall and some other shops up there on Memorial Rd.  ran all around looking for a North Face coat for her. lunch at Cafe 7 and then back home by 2. I messed around at home and made it to the gym by 4 to swim then stopped by the store to stock up on groceries, packets of turkey lunch meet, baby swiss chesse only because the were out of muenster, rye bread, chips, cashews, 3 boxes of Golden Crisp (Super sugar crisp), 3 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, 3 Boxes of Nut and Honey Crunch Flakes, 2 boxes of instant oatmeal, eggs, milk, etc. the usual... church Sunday and then a call from buddy S about driving over with J to see the house that S is wanting to buy in OKC.  We oo-ed and awe-ed about everything inside the house, 3000 feet ranch style spread out nice nice layout and pool in back and crazy patio and biult in grill and 8 foot fence. Then we drove around Nichols Hills looking at empty lots that our friend J might build a house on.  Walked around S house he lives in now to suggest how to stage the house. Later S brought a whole bunch of stuff over here to store in my guest room while he's selling his house. great weekend. swam laps again Sunday afternoon.
Sunday night the 3 of us went out for Mexican food dinner, and J mentioned his cousin's nephew had passed away of cancer, and that he was in a band, School of Seven Bells. Small world!! I couldnt' believe it and told him how much I liked the group and had them on my ipod and had shared them on my blog etc etc... how sad.
Today I swam laps before lunch, and then took down the tree and packed it up. Since I had all my Christmas boxes of stuff spread all over the guest room, I'm getting it all organized and put up tonight so that room is cleared out to store more stuff for S.  I plan to watch a movie I got in the mail from Netflix tonight, a Woody Allen film "you Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger". I dont' know if it's any good but since I'm an Allen buff and usually see all his films, I went ahead and got this one.  It was either that or continue watching blooper videos on Youtube, like the time I killed this afternoon watch Kyle Sorbo clips of Andromeda bloopers all first 4 seasons. ha!! anyone ever find themselves stuck watching stuff like that? :)

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