Thursday, January 16, 2014

week flying....there goes January

man i got a lot done this week.. been a busy one getting back to campus for a work week before classes start up next week.  So far I've only woken up early enough to swim laps 2 out of 4 day. but I make it up there tomorrow morning, that'll be 3! ha I did swim laps either at work or after work if I didn't make it in the moring.  Tuesday I had a list of things to accomplish after work, first off after work, went to this Chef store for some things I wanted to add to my little sister's Christmas gift. She wasn't here this year and my folks are going to see her this weekend.   after that I headed over to my older sister's house to say hi and ask for a box to put stuff in and then wrap it while we visited. next I drove over to my folks' place and chatted with my dad and left the gift for them to deliver for me.
Wednesday, all profs had to stay in offices from 3pm to 5pm. as a one time that everyone is in their office for people to find. so got home late and went straight to church where they have dinner for $5 on Wednesday nights. say with a 86 year old lady I know from the garden club and she and I entertain each other pretty well. ha  I don't know anyone else there to sit with anyway.
This week I've been working on syllabus and assignment schedules.  Everything getting updated and I included stuff this semester about turning off phones in class and addressing students by name and profs by "professor," "mr.," or "Ms."  People just don't know basic social skills anymore and I get "hey" in class and in emails. not that I care much, but they could have an employer or prof in the future who does! :)  I'm going to write out note cards with dialogue written on them to have students read and role play being student and professor.  things like "I won't be in class I have an appointment" and prof says "Did you make that appointment last semester before you enrolled in any classes or what!?" or student acts out texting, and prof says "would you please go outside and leave the room while doing that?", also something along the lines of "Can I make up that quiz?"  and prof says "NO, as stated in the syllabus, you need to contact the prof about being absent otherwise you forfeit making up any work done during class." basic stuff like that I always get, usually from the people that joined class missing the first 3 days and missed going over syllabus. ha
Another thing I worked on today and will again tomorrow is my COMP I class, I'm changing up the schedule in place two big essays, number 3 and 4. we are going to do two small papers, a 3rd big essay, and a small 4th essay. if that makes sense. for some reason I though it'd be easier on them, but now it sounds like more work. ha anyway.....
I am taking a friend prof to movies Saturday night. She teaches Spanish. we are going to see the Russian Ark at the museum downtown. It is a movie made in one continuous shot, following a sort of spirit walk in and out and all around the Hermitage in Russia and showing different scenes going on in its history. a beautiful film, I look forward to seeing it on big screen as I've only watched in on rented DVD before. How's your 2014 year starting off. I look forward to getting students back next week seeing what the personality of classes are like. :)

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