Monday, January 13, 2014

life of dan..........

a few photos of my place from this weekend, rug and table. and south wall with chairs and such.

THe photo above is from when I blogged a few weeks ago about the outlet mall here in OKC, tie and work pants.  and the last photo, SANUK!!! I blogged years ago about how much I love my SANUK, maybe back in 2007 or before when I started blogging? I dunno but I just got a fourth pair in the mail and if I had an extra $60 I'd get online right now and order another pair just have in store waiting.... I'm sort of always in fear that SANUK will quit making this style and color... This is an easy go to shoe, the brown, the blue, the comfort.  You might notice the oldest two pairs have been worn as garden shoes summers past.  If you ever order these or have tried them, I have to wear a size up so instead of 9 I get a 10. they don't have half sizes. but with Dr. Scholl foot pads they are perfect size! :)

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