Thursday, January 09, 2014

it's cold in them thar hills......

Good Morning from Arkansas, wintery morning that is, drizzling rain last night froze up the roads a bit and so school was cancelled here, I'm with my friends and SnJ and their two boys, well J did go to work today so just me and the mom and the 2 boys. I always stay with this family while in town here.  THey moved just before Christmas and so now I have the front room downstairs with a twin matress on the floor and it very cozy. sleeping like a log. Drove up here Tuesday afternoon after going to the gym to swim laps. I loaded up the truck after that and made a lunch and headed up north through tulsa and on my way to NWA. Just relaxing and spending time with the family here,  on Wed, I saw my college friend who stayed w me over thanksgiving, T for lunch. and ran into my college English prof and his wife, who was also the college nurse while I was in college. they were eating lunch at the same cafe.  later had pizza with her last night, and then went by my best bud from college's house, and gave him a nice hug and chatted a bit with him and his wife last night for about an hour.
TOday I'm up and hanging with the kids since they got the day off after going back just one day yesterday. ha  I'm having lunch with my best college buddy today and then maybe going to drive over to another college friend's house , a former roomie from college who is now an artist and has a studio next to his place outside of town.
I think I mentioned getting "You will meet a Tall Dark Stranger" in the mail from netflix, it was awful! ha, I mean all the usual woody allen tropes were there throughout the film, but the cast just never really had the chemistry, none of 'em did, mom/daughter husband/wife, author/lover, old man/prostitute wife..etc and there was no real ending but lots of story plots and bad things going worse and bad news and no happy endings...
I have Pitch Perfect on DVD waiting at home in the mail, everyone kept recommending it. I plan to head back to OKC Friday after lunch with another college friend here in town. enjoy the week!

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