Sunday, January 12, 2014

gold globe...

When Michael Douglas got up, it was like finaly someone who knows how to prepare a speech and have something to say at the same time thanking people. ha. anyway, they just awarded Woody Allen for his work, and what was weird was hardly a single clip of his exwife in any of them. considering that after all the movies with Dianne Keaton he had Mia Farrow in quite a series of film!!! pretty interseting. I know woody allen films aren't for everyone. I'm really glad Kate Blachett won!! Oscars ahoy lie ahead!!! and I was please to see Amy Adams win. wow and liked her speech always. I've always been a fan of hers since her breakout roll in Junebug, (readers have you seen Junebug? you HAVE to see it!). Nothing else too memorable tonight, Fey and poehler did a great job again. I realized there are a lot of films I have yet to even see. here is was all excieted to have seen the latest Hobbit movie over break. ha :)
Ed: I am re reading all the errors in this and must stop posting while lying in bed before going to sleep at night., ha

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