Tuesday, January 21, 2014


got a netflix movie in the mail today, Win Win, with paul giamati (sp?) about a lawyer who is a wrestling coach and meets this kid who is really good and such. It was enjoyable, not the best written movie, but over all good message I guess. ha! I had a great first day, man my voice was worn out from talking all morning after the long break. I look forward to see what students I have in my 3 more classes tomorrow. I got in this long conversation with a Spanish prof today about catalan and basque in Spain, he went on and on. it made me about considering a language an identity, it is so tightly bound to culture after all , and then that made me think of a conversation on Facebook with my friend Randy in Dallas about sexuality and identity and how we are a new generation claiming sexuality as an identity and the idea of the fight for tolerance to the extreme that suddenly it become intolerance of those they were once fighting against. he linked to several good article discussing such.
I got home by four and changed up to go to the gym. I was all changed out into my shorts and tshirt and shoes etc because I thought I'd swim after my workout as a cool down, but nope on T/Th you have lap swim up until 5:15 and then it's all sort of other things going on after that. so I get up to the gym and have to change right out again into bathing suit and then go swim laps as a warm up. then to the treadmill to walk/run and watch a bit of HGTV and then I actually made it back to the gym floor today for a chest day. I'm 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps which has been my usual system. however right now I'm doing a less weight and more reps to east myself back into ti.
I bought some chicken tenders to cook up and wasn't sure how to get going on it, and my mom said just throw 'wm in a pan etc.. sure enough I tried it tonight, dipped in milk, flour that I threw some Lawry's salt in with, and then fried 'em up in a skillet with some olive oil. they turned out really good. I'd never done that before and I think I've started something new for my dinners in getting some extra protein! I'm still eating the cashews and steamed broccoli.
I got re connected with an okc bud tonighton facebook!!! it was pretty cool, this name request popped up and I'm think KS..hmm where do I know that name?... well then I figured it out from his pic. KS is the mechanic with the big hands that I met up with at the downtown gym I used to go to way back I guess when I started blogging. well he'd spent the night here a couple time, come to think about it I think he's the last guy who actually slept over here in bed with me... . anyway, so he was all excited and I was all excited and texted/messaged back and forth for a while. turns out he's leaving in OKC now and wants to get together for a meal and catch up. what a great guy, he was always so nice completely fun and a real good all around country boy type. he's all bulked up now and has been working out at the gym dang. I think he has a boyfriend . I'm excited to reconnect and have a friend in town seeing as how my buddy S is back and forth to AR every other weekend. we'll see how ti goes. on with the week!

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