Sunday, January 26, 2014

busy body...

wow haven't written in a while. well, last week was awesome and I got all my classes figured out and seem to have a great group of students overall a good mix and this time a bit more vocal and animate. Friday night I got out of the office by 1:30 and went to Uli's mechanic shop because he wanted to give me part of the payment for my old Ranger. $200. I then drove home and then to the gym to swim laps and work out a very little bit. legs. from there straight to my buddy S's place and the to Iguana Cafe again for mini Taco's! next we went to the mall. I swore I wouldn't buy anything, but sure enough we found some stuff at pottery barn on sale, and I ended up with a new duvet cover. ha I've had the same one since I've lived here about ten years, so this is a nice change. we tried on lots of things and I almost got some stuff but talked myself out of it.
Saturday morning me time and relax time and by 1130 or so I was getting ready for the day and place picked up. I went swimming laps at 12:30 and then to pizza for lunch. next grocery store to stock up on cereal and stuff, then to Ace Hardware to get some wooden outdoor screws for fence repair, next to Home Depot for  some bags of pine bark mulch, then to the outlet mall on I-40 and Council Rd because I needed a lemon zester and cheese grater, and there is a La Gourmet store there.came back home and worked on the beds outside raking up the big leaves blown by the wind, and then mulching from a bag of crushed leaves and then covered with the mulch. and then got the drill and cord out to start repairing the gate on my fence that's been sitting aside since last spring ice storm damaged the fence in that part. did that until dark and then came in for dinner and watched some tv and some youtube. mainly lots of astronaut videos. just search on youtube for eating nuts space station and there are a slew of videos from the space station. my favorites were the lady talking about how they get up in the morning and go to the bathroom. and the guy who wrings out a washcloth. awesome.
today I went to church, Sunday school. came home and had lunch and relaxed surfing the net searching for perennial plants.. ran across that mechanic buddy of mine on facebook, KS. he mentioned coming over after his bike ride this afternoon. So I cleaned up all my laundry everywhere, then went outside and did more yard work for quite a while, about 5 I came back inside to check online if he'd messaged. he never made it over, oh well. he has a bf now but I still want to see him and just catch up.
I cooked up some chicken tonight and really liked what I did with it, dipped it in milk, and then the flour I mixed with salt and basil and chipotle pepper powder. anyway I cooked 'em up and it was nice.  watched the grammys, some people I didn't know or really didnt' even like ,all the damn rap music. there is nothing new with rap music, it's all the same ole same ole!! ha.  anyway, I also made some orange/choco chip scones tonight to take to work tomorrow. that's why I bought the zester for the orange, and the grater for the butter. hope all had a great weekend, I'm beat. whoosh. but ready to get back to work this week second week of classes, it's going to get real! ha :)

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