Sunday, January 12, 2014

beginning 2014!

I'm having no luck getting pics to upload so bear with..... "bear with" is what Tillie repeats while texting in the British sitcom Miranda, I've been watching seasons one and two during this weekend on hulu. I finally watched Pitch Perfect Friday night after I got back from AR.  It's pretty funny/goofy but overall good flick.  swam laps Saturday morning and afternoon and otherwise hung out at home. Last night I crashed just past 11pm and woke up right about 12am to some car doors outside.
I live on a corner lot with a side street on the north side of my house, also the side of my bedroom. I got out of bed after waking up and looked out the window facing east with view of the front of my pickup in the carport.  I always have this thing about any noise out on the street and checking to see if someone's breaking into my Ranger. ha well anyway, last night there was a car full of kids parked on the side of the road opposite this sort of garage where I think the kid who lives in the house attached to the property on the adjacent street behind mine hangs out sometimes. well anyway, so there were at least five kids in there and the guy in the passenger seat was opening the door and shutting it, I think to get the cab light on or to throw out something.  I couldn't figure out if they were getting ready to leave or just waiting for someone to come out. but after they just sat there a while, I decided they were probably rolling or smoking joints. ha I thought it'd be fun to go outside and check it. I threw on some sweatpants and sweatshirt, shoes, and a hat and slowly walked out my back door to the deck. I have a picket fence up against the deck on my right. and as I'm facing the backyard there is a path from off the deck which goes diagonal about twenty feet to the carport with a drive parallel to the back yard. between my truck and the street are a few trees and flowerbeds. So I ducked down out of view of the kids in the car, sort of crawled down the path and slowly and over to my pickup in the moonlight. I had an idea of getting into my pickup and suddenly starting it and turning the lights on. Which was all the more possible  because my cab light went out a few weeks ago.
Well so anyway, I slowly get into my truck, sit there a second, the I can see now looking down at the clueless car on the street (my property is higher than the street). And then I just sort of started the ignition, turned on the headlights, and started slowly backing up, which as you back up around into the alley behind my property, your at just the right anlgle so that my truck shines on their car and by that time you could see everyone ducking and the driver turn on the headlights. ha. it was funny anyway, I pulled out to the right and then I could see they'd started the car and were just behind me. I turn right down the street behind mine and they went the opposite direction. I drove around the block and then back home, parked, and right back to bed. zonk!
I'm not sure I accomplished anything, but I couldn't help but think how random it must have been for the kids to suddenly have the truck in the drive they parked next to suddenly start up and pull out. ha, and for whatever it was worth they drove off and for all I know found some other out of the way place to park. :)
I'll be back at work tomorrow morning, a week of planning for classes and meetings. Since it's my first year, I have some new staff training meetings this year. This week includes how to do student advising.  Will be good to get back to my work week schedule, this is the first spring I've ever had in education where I look forward to getting back to class and the students.  No way am I missing the public school job!! :P.  What I AM HOPING to do is get back to a routine of actually working out again and focus a bit more on fitness this semester, I've just got to get back to my 2008 shape before it all goes downhill! oh yeah, how about that Skylar Astin? After watching him in pitch perfect, I was thinking maybe I have a thing for Jewish guys. I bet if I'd been living in NYC the last 15 years I'd probably have dated a few by now. ha ha..........

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