Saturday, September 28, 2013

the fox...

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I dont know how to embed this video so I just gave a link, it's a shirtless guy in a hot tub. no big whup...but cute.

Norse Projects x Vans , the site says $157 but if you order from the US, there'll be no tax which then makes the price $127 + $20 shipping.. .just FYI. :P

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

wanted: these vans....

ED. the clothes are from crooks and castles and the shoes are at Norse Projects, a collaboration with Vans. I would have posted about it earlier but I want to wait until sat the 28th when they went on sale and make sure I got mine, ;). I was sold on the greyfor a while, but after thinking about what I'd actually wear all fall/winter, I decided on the Navy....

photo with your bro...

fall ready or not...

woolrich john rich & bros, southern tide, Sperry CVO leather tan, Sperry tonal brown, concepts X Newbalance

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall welcome....

dang that was a LONG weekend! I forget what I did Friday night....hmmm oh yeah, I'm part of a garden club and we had a meeting of which I was in charge of buying and roasting and bringing a HAM. so that's what I did Friday afternoon, before loading up the truck with plants for the auction and the ham, and then picking up a lady B who is 87 and can't drive to night meetings since her husband died a year ago.
She also goes to the local church I've been visiting and this Wednesday I plan to meet her up there at 6 for the dinners they serve every Wednesday for $5. B says she goes 'cause you can't beat a home cooked meal for that price, and I told her I'd meet her up there since it's down the street from where I live, and heck! home cooked style meal, yeah I'm there! ha
anyway, I took B home and then drove about 20 minutes outside of town to bring the leftover Ham to my older sister to use to feed her family and do something with the leftover parts etc.. ha
well, so I planned a nice long weekend of staying home and grading papers and every now and then getting outside into the yard when I felt like taking a break. also I planned to go to a family reunion from 11am-2pm.
INSTEAD, I had a messsage on the machine when i got home Friday night from A saying we could do a move job Saturday morning. always need the extra cash here. so called her back and said YUP.
moved furniture from 8 to about 10:30am since it was a double wide trailer we had to put stage furniture into and had two family rooms with two sets of couches and sectionals etc, bedroom set blah blah, one huge kitchen table.. you get the picture. and what sucked is it came out one trailer not too far away from where we moved into, so it was sort of like load up some furniture and just walk everything else over.
got home by 11 and was at the reunion by 11:30..
This was my dad's side of the family but mainly his siblings and cousins. and his aunt, the one of 6 siblings still surviving at 90. we ate and caught up and then had a time where we all sat in a semi circle around the aunt as my uncle asked her questions about memories growing up it was pretty awesome. She talked about her grandfather being a Mennonite preacher and her grandparents going to Bethel college in Kansas when it was a German speaking college. and how they had a German speaking church in the small farming town where my dad grew up north west Oklahoma.  It was a small town and I was talking to my dad's cousin who has a wife also related to us on my grandma's side of the family. does that make since. like their grandparents were cousins. well anyway all very nice people, no one my generation was realy there except my aunts 3 daughters and me and my 2 sisters. but still was as good as it gets. small affair maybe 30 people tops.
so I ended up staying there until about 430 and took my sister home since my other sister left early after lunch. and THEN my mom invited me over for dinner so I could visit with an aunt and uncle in town from TX. so I went over there by 530 and stayed up until 830 well you get the picture. ALL DAY family, no grading.
So SUNDAY it was ON! breakfast, church from 9-1015. and the home grading papers ALL THE REST OF THE DAY. whoosh! I'm not complaingng becaue I love my job and I got them papers DONE. it just was well planned time wise. by 930 last night I had everything graded and in the computer. handed 'em all back today and loved today. I came home from work today and caught up on laundry and did nothing but watch tv and play outside in the yard doing work and planting stuff and moving stuff around etc. great fall weather!
one fun part of my new job has been finding the quickest way to get from one place to another. the campus is pretty big and spread out, but I have found a stair well here and there that gets my up to the 3rd floor and back and which hallways and paths are most direct. ha also am loving swimming before class on M,W,F and playing piano after classes most days just for some stress relief and just getting my hands back in shape,
Beethoven today for exercise followed by Chopin for feeling and ended with some Gershwin for fun.
How I love to get my fingers all hitting a chord with the right notes flats sharps double flats sharps etc. and especially the ones where I'm hitting two keys with my thumb. ahh what fun and release to pound away.  I think what makes it so entertaining is how well tuned the pianos there are kept compared to my upright "honkytonk" piano at home in the back room which I don't play much anymore.
College homecoming is coming up and I am looking forward to seeing my best bud up there and his family and catching up. also I'll be taking the ex gf to Tulsa for a Vampire Weekend concert. will be awesome.
otherwise I'm just listening to Pandora with Typhoon and Boy and Bear channeled in. sometime mix in some Pink Floyd. how's that for variety. ha
One more thing about my new job, I had this student that wrote about his dad and two aunts who all died of diabetes... the paper was something about seizing the day instead of living it safe, something like that, but basically he goes to a church that doesn't believe in hospitalization from what I could get from it.. so it was all about God's plan and not living relying on medical care the rest of their lives. anyway, very very interesting.
there is this one latin kid who is super sharp and always well dressed and he wrote abouut wanting to be a fashion designer, I'm trying to figure out how to get him to check out my "my style" page on pinterest. ha ha

wrestlers are so BRO....