Saturday, August 31, 2013

football is back! :)

more back to work shopping haul...

okay I'm stocked up and ready to mix and match between these new things and what's in my closet for teaching job this fall. :)  went down to the new Outlet Mall here in OKC this morning, made the usual stops and ended up with nothing all too unique but for day to day wear, I'm satisfied with what I found.
 from top left: J Crew dress shirt,tie,boxers,plaid shirt that pretty matches my eye color and what I always consider a "eye power shirt" when I wear something like that. ha yeah I'm crazy, another tie, and then from Bass store a dress shirt, J Crew boxer briefs, and khaki slacks for work.
from bottom left: Perry Ellis 4 dress shirts and tie, J Crew socks, and then Banana Republic 2 pairs of khaki "gaven" pants for work, another J. Crew tie lying on the slacks, and then another pair of BR grey jeans.
Everything was either 40-50% off. the dress shirts were all from $10-$30. and the pants from BR were $25, the J Crew slacks $32 and the BR jeans $40.
Mike, I do like that shoe quite a bit from Cole Haan. I'll definitely keep a look out,! I saw the classic "weejun" penny loafer at the Bass outlet for about $80 but wanted to shop around more and that's a good option. you know I take my shoe purchases VERY seriously. ha ha. :)  I looked at a few belts and am going to have to consider belts in the future. I've used the same black belt, seriously, since college. a basic black belt that I got on sale after Christmas at Gap for like $8! since college! also my brown belt probably since college.  if braided belts ever came back I still have one. ha otherwise I have a light khaki sueded belt from BR that I've had since college. I wear those 3 all the time.  I'll never forget how I saw the lead singer of Keane wearing dark blue jeans with a light khaki belt and wanted to get the look, since I have a lot of light khaki suede shoes, and then I found that belt the next weekend! okay enough shopping stories blah... back to nice weekend. I'm about to drive over to the whole foods store and get some cookies and take by my sisters house to watch some OSU football and maybe over to my parents' tonight to watch some OU! BOOMER SOONER!!! :)

camp it up...

labor day weekend....

weekend is here! just had a perfect breakfast and am off to home depot with money burning in my pocket. ;) also stopping by the outlet mall to return/replace a shirt I bought in Austin. SOOOO nice to have the weekend off after getting back to school and my second week over with. last weekend I was pretty much on the road the whole time or in Austin. I hope my last post didn't sound too much like a whining selfish prig. I was getting my head around my feelings. of COURSE I completely support my bud all the way and will be as patient as needed, or change the kind of friend I need to be, whatever goes. I have been to several NA meetings with him over the years, I guess it's been maybe 6 years that he's been in recovery; I get all confused when he uses again, but as a non-addict it's something i'll never understand. So I just want to support in whatever way that helps him get to where he needs to be. okay well enough about that.
 WEEKEND and PAYDAY yesterday. .. It's weird but I'm already trying consider about going to NYC again for a little Christmas shopping which sometimes means for me too. ha I start thinking about it and how strange it is that I'm curious as all get out what is in the JOE FRESH store hanging on a rack for $20 but forget the savings considering you have to fly there! ha ha. I've been online shopping a little bit and not seeing anything all that new and groundbreaking this fall. Definitely some sweaters I'd like to have, but with the new job, I guess I'm focusing on a few dress shirts and maybe new ties, which I'll prolly shop around for today while at the outlet mall. I also plan to get a lot of yardwork done today before it heats up this afternoon. oh wait, I forgot to mention shoes. I am going to keep a lookout for some shoes, since all I really have for dressing up is a pair of brown and a pair of black Rockport shoes, which are very comfy and all but I can't just switch from black to brown everyday. I think I'm going to look for some Bass penny loafers and go for a preppy sort of look? I dunno...
I'm including a photo of last weekend HAUL from round rock, basically 2 shirts to wear with ties, 2 plaid shirts from BR, and the one in the top left corner from J.Crew. the great one is a sort of knit button up which I LOVE to wear layered over shirt and tie in the fall/spring etc. it was at BR too. and then 3 pair of boxer briefs from American Apparel..
 I've been disappointed not to get to swim laps twice a day the last couple of weeks like I was this summer, and in fact it's getting harder to get up and swim early before work anyway. I made it up there before 6am on Thrusday morning but the lanes were all full with 3 people going in circles and a few waiting so I turned around and dried up and got dressed and returned home for breakfast without a swim. My new job has a pool on campus so I'll prolly switch to swimming laps before lunch instead of breakfast.
and then in the afternoons, I'm going to have to kick it in gear with getting a work out in and maybe swim.  this last week I just wasn't feeling it for workouts. ugh, it's always this time of year though. Once it cools off a bit I'll be getting a routine going again surely... ha
It' been a lot of fun getting to know people at work, no one I'm all head over hills wanting to go out with or anything, but there are definitely some other gay guys working there.  I think my approach this fall will be to throw my own parties.  Since I'm not exactly getting out there or invited to anything or meeting anyone etc. I figure I'll have to start inviting people to my place, for example Scott and his bf and another gay couple we know in town, and then maybe a guy we all know that goes to my gym, and then anyway that's a start. maybe have my lesbian friend A and her wife over to meet some those guys..etc. anyway those are my thought.  Everytime I'm in Austin there are so many events and things to do where you meet all sorts of gay guys, granted they are mostly with boyfriends, but still, it's nice> OKC is smaller but still I should be able to get connected to what's out there. ad what's out there is a whole different swoop in the bucket of type of guys too let me tell ya. ha
Since we have no school Monday, I had to work some extra hours getting stuff graded and planned for class Tuesday. I brought nothing home and will just wait for Tuesday morning at this point... when you're single, you can either get down having nothing planned and nothing to do for 3 days in a row, or you can enjoy it and look at as getting a LOT of things done and get out and see people. so I choose the latter.  Hope every is having a great labor day weekend. Personally i'd rather be at the lake on a boat!!! :P

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

back to work...

 I wish my Austin buddy had more Christian friends. Sometimes some issue or point comes up in conversation and suddenly I get lumped in with every right ring point of view, assumed to be in the same boat as others. I expect more from my friend, that he would be more of a critical thinker and search out my personal point of view, not just play into the world's hands of successfully blinding everyone into seeing only two polarized sides of things. Not to say my faith is not respected by my Austin bud, I just dont' like getting generalized into a group... I think something came up about the gun shooting in Duncan OK. and I mentioned that regardless of gun laws, there was still an issue at hand, that young people were bored and wanted to shoot someone in the first place, and how could communities do better in raising children etc etc...he started going off on some right ring gun law joke with his other buddy and I seriously was surprised as close as my bud and I are that he wasn't getting it. anyway!!! ugh so sad. how much you can love someone and yet feel completely misunderstood, or even that suddenly you don't even really know the person etc..  My bud does take  his "higher power" very seriously and I know he's approached a Christian faith in doing so, and so I continue to pray.....etc
I enjoy visiting Austin very much and I had a BLAST going to the two gay social functions with my bud, and also shopping on the way home,  but I plan to put it off for quite a while. just too confusing as we go our ways and I'm not even sure what really binds us anymore other than our past...I dunno..... blah
I regret not having a network of gay buds here in OKC. need to get something going. I'm definitely not moving anywhere fun soon, so I need to make best of this situation here in OKC. I do have my buddy S, but that is IT! and my lesbian friends, but I dont' really relate to any of her gay crowd anyway. bleahhhh what to do.
well I'm having a great week at school. students are showing up for class and turning things in. I am really busy when not in class just grading papers.  I bought some lamps and a table and file boxes at Ikea for my office which were all fun to install and set up.  I'll have to post a photo of the shopping haul later. I'm going shopping again this next weekend here in OKC at the outlet mall on I40 for more work clothes after this Frdiay payday! ha

fun in the sun...

Monday, August 26, 2013

blue grey green.....;)

The Knowing

Afterwards, when we have slept, paradise-
comaed and woken, we lie a long time
looking at each other.
I do not know what he sees, but I see
eyes of surpassing tenderness
and calm, a calm like the dignity
of matter. I love the open ocean
blue-grey-green of his iris, I love
the curve of it against the white,
that curve the sight of what has caused me
to come, when he’s quite still, deep
inside me. I have never seen a curve
like that, except the earth from outer
space. I don’t know where he got
his kindness without self-regard,
almost without self, and yet
he chose one woman, instead of the others.
By knowing him, I get to know
the purity of the animal
which mates for life. Sometimes he is slightly
smiling, but mostly he just gazes at me gazing,
his entire face lit. I love
to see it change if I cry–there is no worry,
no pity, no graver radiance. If we
are on our backs, side by side,
with our faces turned fully to face each other,
I can hear a tear from my lower eye
hit the sheet, as if it is an early day on earth,
and then the upper eye’s tears
braid and sluice down through the lower eyebrow
like the invention of farmimg, irrigation, a non-nomadic people.
I am so lucky that I can know him.
This is the only way to know him.
I am the only one who knows him.
When I wake again, he is still looking at me,
as if he is eternal. For an hour
we wake and doze, and slowly I know
that though we are sated, though we are hardly
touching, this is the coming the other
coming brought us to the edge of–we are entering,
deeper and deeper, gaze by gaze,
this place beyond the other places,
beyond the body itself, we are making
by Sharon Olds...

speedy delivery...


Sunday, August 25, 2013

lazy SUnday!...

Austin fun...

well there were no gay bar visits here in Austin this weekend. ha! but seeing as how I started this blog in 2006 around the time I was getting through with grad school and now it's 7 years later..... I'm pretty much not going to bars so much anymore, plus the internet and all etc... been there and done all that I guess you could say.  But what I lack to my social life in smaller OKC is a gay social scene, where you get invited to functions and meet what/who shows up
Yesterday my buddy and I got up late and took his dog to the dog park at Barton springs. the part on the other side of the fence from the pay and swim part. well anyway always lot of people and their dogs there and ALWAYS cute guys. we were not disappointed yesterday to see this smooth skinned dark haired muscle stud, sort of the body of a baseball player but a little thicker and worked out. his butt was perfectly square and not too bubble round just solid and nice.  a bit of long 80's euro hair going jjust past his ears and swept back.  crazy smile and just kept standing there as if posing but really that's just him standing there. so we kept throwing rocks in the water for my bud's dog to get and we'd kid around about this other guy and of course tons of other people there and dogs, it was a busy Sat morn after all and hot out.
we got back and relaxed a bit and then headed over to pool party at the gay couple's house right off of Barton Springs road south of down town. right up on a hill with a glorious view and trees and a little pool area out back.  They had invited all their friend over, sort of a bunch of guys like me who are going out as much anymore, most of them coupled up and everyone fit and worked out! ugh.. ha
My buddy had a friend of his meet us there, another guy in recovery, A, who is this muscled out tattooed bald hot latin guy with bulging arms and pecs and etc... anyway you get the picture, he's a pretty serious and quiet guy and doesn't say much , so any word or ear I got from him was treasured.. ha ha, all the while of course giving off my cool whatever dude seriously I'm not falling all over you like you're probably used to guys doing -vibe. ha  i was also introduced to lot of my austin bud's friend there and chit chatted with many finding out what guys he's known since they were all yound and new in town and clubbing around and partying about, to the guys who were maybe more new to town etc.. we were there for a while.
anyway, came home, napped about lounged around. got ready for dinner at 7 and went to this pizza place on Congress called home slice pizza. then by 900 we were at the bowling alley for a fundraiser event for all the lamda chapter groups of gay recovery groups.. something like that. so lots of fun, while my austin bud's team bowled I pretty much talked the whole time to this guy I met a few summers ago while here, a guy named J who I'd hooked up with briefly while my austin bud went somewhere, i don't remember, but anyway, he's still pretty hot and cool and we discussed my new job and how he's been wanting to get an adjunct job..etc.
breakfast done now and I'm about to hit the road. stopping by Ikea as it opens and then on my way home 6 hour drive. hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend.