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Friday, June 21, 2013

picture perfect weekend.....

the new f word....

The New F Word from Friend Movement on Vimeo.
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summer bulge....

blog week review...

man I guess I've either been busy or just feeling like not much to say on this hear blog. I'd better update what's been going on with Dan.
Had an excellent time with my college buds in Texarkana last weekend, husband and wife and their 3 kids, he's Irish and she was an MK growing up in Mexico and they are a very soccer-y family. ha
I drove back Saturday afternoon, stopping in Rowlett to see a former college roomate and his son. they met me at a starbucks and we caught up and laughed about stuff. you know how it is with some friends as if no time has passed. made my way into dallas to get to NorthHaven nursery before it closed to pick up the Leatherleaf viburnum I bought the day before, next I had to go across town to a suburb west of Dallas to retrieve my laptop cord I'd left at Randy's place. ooops. then drive back home yawn.
Sunday I was busy most of the afternoon doing yardwork and getting plants into the ground.
Monday back to 2nd week of teaching college class. I've been swimming laps every morning this week except Tuesday morning because I had an early move furniture job. I've been enjoying my summer time getting stuff done at home and lots of yard work... My students turned in essay 1 Wednesday so I'm grading through that stack of 21 essays all this weekend.  I have to speak to this one girl who cussed out loud 2 times while we were having a class discussion, F bomb sh&% and something else, but anyway I'm going to talk to her before class about what is appropriate. she wasn't picking up one my social cues of shocked uncomfortable look and frowns I guess. ha
yesterday was an Adventure! I got up at 5:15 to go swim laps and then drove from gym to move furniture for  an hour (a job on the side with a friend who sells trailors, we move the model furniture in and out of houses as they are sold or get new ones on the lot). came home and graded a few papers, lunch, then packed up some bottled water and apple and papers to grade in a backpack and drove my old Ranger south of the city to a friend's shop.  I was nervous the entire way that the clutch would go out or gears get stuck like it started doing before I replaced it with the new Ranger... it made it!  I dropped it off and spoke to my bud there a former night class English students from Mexico.  I was going to walk over to the bus stop a half mile from there but he said he's take me up north to downtown bus station. very nice of him!
I went to the bus stop for the route that goes north west side of town where I live, waited grading papers then got on the bus, got off and walked a mile and a half back to my place. whew! My friends think I'm crazy not to ask for a ride but I like being independent. :)
worked out at the gym yesterday afternoon and planned to cool off swimming laps afterwards. I go into the locker room to throw on my swimsuit and run into my gym bud, the hunky beefy guy I always chat it up with. turned out he had a lifeguard shift coming up.  he told me lap swim wasn't until another 30 minutes. I guess I read the schedule wrong, i showed him the schedule as he stood there shirtless next to me reading the schedule with nipples exposed pointing in the direction of the piece of paper. anyway, turns out he was right. he put his shirt on and I put my swimsuit back in my bag and said well I'm not waiting around that long to swim laps. ha  we chatted some and caught up about his summer classes and his lack of lawn mowing jobs, and I told him how my tailgate handle wasn't working sure enough and I had to use a screwdriver to open it same as his. blah
this morning. NOTHING today. free free, going to grade this stack of essays hopefully so its not lingering all weekend, but if I get 10 more done I'll be happy (did 5 yesterday).  weekend is here let's get started!