Saturday, June 08, 2013

otro sabado

ha, this guy is crazy, and I apologize for all the 4 letter words, maybe he's tying to pull off a jersy shore thing, and what's up with the headgear?. ha I dunno but still the guy had some funny things to say.  There are definitely some social norms and rules to consider at the gym.  I'm not that shy myself at the gym unless I know some gross guy is staring at me, in which case I turn facing the locker and dress up. and I'm always the shirt off first, pants, underwear,shorts, shirt and vice versa when changing. but at the gym after my morning swims I grab my swimsuit after showering and soaping off the chlorine from the pool. I throw a towel around my waist and walk back out to the lockeroom over the machine that spins to drain your swimsuit. after that I stand at the mirror next to it and I like to grab the hairdryer while I'm toweling off with the other hand and sort of blow dry myself he and there, so no not modest. but then again usually no one is around in the mornings maybe ONE or two people tops while I'm getting dressed to head back home.
now if you want to talk about pet peeves on the gym floor, it's DEFINITELY talking on the cell phone on the floor, OR even just sitting there at a bench forever texting or looking down at your phone. annoying.  guys you should take a break and get away from the world and just get into your workout ZONE.  put on the music to jam with headphones and that's that! ha  another pet peeve of course is leaving weights anywhere, the 95 and up dumbbells in the way on the floor, or loading up a bar and never coming back. lame!  dropping weights is not far behind, if you cant lift it without letting it pound down into the floor, don't left that much weight or get a friend to spot, otherwise you're really just showing off and coming off as a jerk.
I guess those are my top ones, followed by the guys that bring a girlfriend for whatever reason I don't know and the girl is acting all stupid and airheady and the guy starts to realize, he's NOT going to get a regular work out with her along.  lame again...and everyone on the floor is like, get her out of here and out of the way.
other than that, just keep any sweat wiped off when possible and if you have buds working out with you don't sit on a bench that neither of you are using while talking and watching the other work out, somebody might need the bench etc...
I survived my long Saturday, worked, got some teacher training, club meeting, and then some movies this evening at the Deadcenter Film Fest. good ole okc! 

get outside weekend....

Friday, June 07, 2013

weekend ready.

summer is getting off to a great start. didn't do much this week with my first days off Wed and Thurs! woo hoo, had a move furniture job this morning and another tomorrow morning, I plan to go to a teacher training after that, and then a garden club thing, and then tomorrow night downtown to stand in line for an Oklahoma made film at the Deadcenter film festival. so I def gots my day all plannered up.
got the oil changed in my new truck today in prep for a trip I plan on taking next week. I have classes on Mon and Wed so on Thursday monring I'm going to drive down to Dallas for the night, then onward to Texarkana the next day stay the night Fri with a college bud, and then come back to Dallas Saturday nt. and home Sunday.  my truck's first road trip and I can take along some CD's now that I have a car with a CD player, it also has an AUX jack so I can bring along my ipod shuffle as well.
I was thinking today how there are a lot of shower videos online that I've come across now and then, and usually I' thinking, wait a minute isn't this just the guy filming himself showering?  ha ha. like some guys at the gym that are the only ones around, I wonder about that.  You can definitely tell the actual hidden cam videos, which can be amusing and hot and all that but I also feel like it's pretty much a complete invasion of privacy, poor guys... poor poor guys.... here let me.... ha j/k. anyway, have you ever noticed how a guy is showering and have it affect the next time you shower. I think it's funny from a sociological standpoint noticing how someone washes up, the order, the thoroughness, body parts covered etc... I know that's not exactly what anyone is thinking watching that sort of video ha, I just noticed everything I guess.
I made it to the gym every day this week, except today was just cardio. and I only swam twice so far because of the lightning and rain Tues morning and the move job this morning, but I hope to get daily habit going next week once I'm getting into teaching classes.
worst thing about today was the shooting in CALIFORNIA. sucks!!!  best thing about today is I found a shirt I've wanted for a while that was sold out all over the place/world online.... and I got an email from today saying the restocked. hello sweet Babar t shirt...
hope every one is getting ready for a nice weekend. bring on Saturday!

where's da party?....

Wednesday, June 05, 2013



how do you say....

from a report with 22 such graphs of how we say things differently across the country. as an English professor and ESL teacher I was all over this. ha
I was born in Texas and went to Bowie Elementary for a year, now I know why I say it like a Texan...ha
also, they left out "you'uns" which I've heard in AR.. :)

online stylin...

the bag is no longer online anywhere and the shoes are cool, but not within my budget. :)

wednesday buddies...

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

tell Tuesday...

first off, someone had asked what if a tornado had been eminent while I was at home last Friday night as the storm was heading east from El Reno to my side of town... I have a basement area under my house where the water tank is and some shelves and a sump pump for when water gets down there.  So I would have gone down there with a flashlight and my cell phone most likely... A tornado came by my house about 4 or 5 years ago, I don't' remember, it was just less than a mile and hit a church and other building north of my neighborhood here.  When that happened, I was at home watching tv until the power went out, and the tv showed the storm coming in my direction, although it wasn't  huge system like last Friday. I was on the phone      with my sister who still had power and was watching tv, and she told me it looked like on the radar it was coming quite close to my neighborhood. and when my power went out, and I looked out the door and saw the rain being blown around horizontally and felt the air pressure drop and my ears popped, I went down in the basement and waited for it to pass over, and not more than 5 or 10 minutes later, there was calm and the whole neighborhood was out on the sidewalks and their front yards looking around and seeing all the branches down and stuff. but thankfully nothing hit.
My summer break begins tomorrow, woo hoo. I'm ready for it. I think I mentioned I got called in for a second interview last THursday with the vice president and associate president of the college, and it went really well. then on Friday, it was a teacher work day and while I was "working", I answered the phone of the lady I share a room with who is also our ESL director at the high school and one of my references. the lady calling recognized my voice and said hi and that she was calling for my references... ha ha, it was funny so I joked that yes i'd give her the message to call back right away, and then she asked me to give the message to my vice principal(also a reference) and I did so as soon as I hung up! ha  from what they told me, the school is pretty sure to hire me just getting through the paper work, so it's NOT official yet but things are definitely looking up..I'm pretty excited about not going back to the high school July 28th and instead starting at the college around 3rd week of August (for new teacher training etc).  how cool, once it's official I'l carry on a bit more about it.
so anyway, yesterday and today I had paid teacher training sessions. but tomorrow ZZZZZ I can sleep in as long as I'd like and get up and go swim laps at the gym and then breakfast and tv SUMMER begun!
I'm starting back up with my early morning summer swims. really going to be hitting the exercise and workouts before July 4th. My Austin bud invited me to a cabin at Grand Lake up north of Tulsa for July 4th weekend. woo hoo. if there is one thing I LOVE is the LAKE and BOATS.  I guess since I grew up in a family that would get out to Cedar Lake west of OKC every summer with my parents and all us 5 kids and we'd swim and ski and get out in the boat or paddle boat or fish off the dock. my grandparents had a cabin out there so I have tons of memories definitely!  so anyway, the July 4th trip gives me something to plan forward to and a goal to keep in shape!
I had a moving job last night with my hischool bud and we'll do another Thursday morning.  either tomorrow afternoon or maybe after the move job Thrusday I plan to get out to a neighborhood near El Reno to help with cleanup. bout time!
oh yeah, and the nasty photo above is a large grub worm I came across today, gross what is it!?!?  haha




Monday, June 03, 2013

jeans day...

something fishy....

Speeding Up Science from Facebook Stories on Vimeo.

At some point while growing up, I recall wanting to be an Ichthyologist....probably during my aquarium fish stage... :)

Sunday, June 02, 2013

camp it up....

look at this instagram....

I can't embed this PARODY VIDEO called "Look at this Instagram" so I'll just link it.
It's pretty funny because it's true.. ha

summer wear...

shirt 1 and 3 are Gitman Bros Vintage, the 2nd is at StagAustin, the Tom's shoe is at Bergdorf Goodman, but seriously, Tom's shoes at Bergorf Goodman?? I've never worn a pair a day in my life but I posted them knowing some guys like the style. I prefer a good easy slip on any day of summer, just not the Tom's toe style...Ked's shoe also at StagAustin, and the jacket was on a random UK site...