Saturday, May 25, 2013

summer's here, in shape yet?....

nyc shopping....

well it's not much, but I got a few things to wear here and there during the summer. the first photo shows a tshirt from Element and a short sleeve button up and polo shirt from Joe Fresh. Next is a long sleeve shirt I saw at a booth on Houston while walking toward soho, and a pair of shorts I got at Quiksilvr time square. 3rd pic a short sleeve shirt from Buffalo David Bitten and socks and pants from Uniqlo. the pants are super comfy stretchy jean style and were $29 compared to $80 plus at every place else like French Connection or Club Monaco and other places etc etc.. didn't want to spend too much on a trend look like light colored pants.  and then the shoes at the end are from Quikslvr.  The shoes and shorts were a fun find and purchase as I was walking back after dinner Friday night and Limoncello drinks. ha!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

nyc pics....

subway tiles.... and my hotel room at the Jane hotel, below is the Meatpacking district and the high line...loved it!
the last pic is the hotel room in Chinatown..pretty basic. :)

thursday DONE! bring on Friday

got the day done! went by fast. I was teaching and getting firm with the kids 'cause I wasn't going to put up with nonsense today. too much on my mind... ha  after lunch I changed up to shirt and tie and got my 6th hour started, then another teacher took over for me, so awesome of her!, and then went to my interview.
i showed up with my lesson ready with handouts and copies of pages from the book, also copies of my teaching certificate and resume, but no one wanted one... ha that's okay, still always a good idea to have copies available. I've been to interviews where the person hadn't gotten the file yet from so and so etc...
anyway, so the committee was a nice older guy who I've seen in training sessions on campus before, my boss the lady who hired me and is now the new dean of the dept, two full time ladies I know from working on the same hall as them, and then two people I didn't know, another English prof and the Math head.
they all asked me lots and lots of questions, I answered all of them, sometimes stopping my self so I wasn't just carrying on trying to explain myself....  then I taught my lesson. blah
I felt I did pretty good overall, but I didn't like my lesson 'cause it seemed sort of stale and rote, but I think they got the gist.  of course I was thinking the whole night afterwards, what I should have said, what I shouldn't have said, what I could have said better, why did I do that, how did I look when I said that, all that sort of stuff. Probably natural to think such stuff after an interview. It's in God's hands now so I'll just wait patiently and wait it out. :)
had time to come home afterwards and sit arond and rest a bit, get changed up for that over with and home a lot later than usual.  I got a message this morning that my Austin buddy is in town this weekend. so it will be interesting to see if we can connect and catch up some while he's here  since I got so much other stuff going on and the exgf coming to town Sunday to hand with for a few days.  I hope I can make it all work though.  hope everyone else is ready for a nice long 3 days weekend. let's get it going....

more photo ops....

paper beats rock...

from the Moore Oklahoma tornado...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

are you the type to....

zoom or zonk

Since Monday night, it's been non-stop news here in OKC about the destruction in Moore. Everything is up and running in OKC as usual, the highway I-35 is open with people able to drive north and south. power and phone lines still down in Moore of course and some cell phone towers... They've pretty much pulled everyone out of any blocked storm shelters, there are a handful of people and kids still in critical condition in hospitals and I think I heard on the radio today about 6 people still missing. That's the most sad thing to be missing, I can't help but imagine someone being thrown into a field or remote place not to be found until who knows when. :(
 One unusual thing is the fact that the water processing plant at lake Draper was affected so when I went back to school Tuesday, there was some concern about the low water 2nd hour they made an announcement for students to check themselves out and go home if they were 18, and those with cell phones to call a parent to come get them...etc etc... so by lunch time we only had 80 students left, and we had a teacher meeting to say just work the rest of the day in our rooms or if we went home we'd have to take a half day personal leave...I got a LOT of things graded and done in my room. Tuesday watched more tv and recovery news, hard not to watch it actually. I posted on facebook if any of my friends knows a displaced person in need of a place to stay to get in touch with me, since I have an extra room here in my place, although small I'm willing. No takers yet, but we'll see. a teacher I work with is heading up a food kitchen this Saturday so i might try and go help her out Saturday afternoon.
 Right now I'm just ready to get this week over with, mostly my interview tomorrow. the day has finally come, I've got stuff all ironed up and ready to bring to work tomorrow. after lunch I will change into the shirt and tie and go over to the college for my 1:30 interview. gulp! really hoping to get this one. we shall see! :)
the rest of the week is crazy from here on out, after the interview, I have to be back at the high shcool by 5 for a pre graduation thing and then go to graduation. Another teacher and I are the ones who read names. I read the English names and she reads the Spanish ones (same as last year, I may have blogged about it last year already). Friday is a crazy ZOO fieldtrip with all our first year kids... and then Friday night I have a garden club meeting. Then Saturday is a sheltered instruction training session, etc etc. you get the picture, my ex gf arrives Sunday for a few days, so that will be some fun too. ltos of things going on, I'm about to crash out jsut thinking about it. crashing out anyway. too late and I'm zonked. ahh well, wish me luck for that job!

Herndon climb.....

Non propter vos. Omnia mihi.
non sibi sed patriae!


Monday, May 20, 2013

stormy weather....

thought I'd post right quick about the storms here in OKC. There was definitely a sense of gloom in the air this afternoon during last hour, announcements about all after school activities cancelled and for all teachers to close all windows in the building before leaving... the sky was dark out and I swear I could sort of sense the change in air pressure, figuratively had my hair in ends waiting for last bell.  as soon as the kids left the principal showed up walking the halls telling all the teachers to leave now...  I stayed a few mintues extra trying to get attendance done on the computer, then left and drove up north and west on the highway to my side of town, the whole time live play by play by tv weathermen on the radio as the storm approached south of okc... when I arrived home skies were clear but streets were completely flooded.
had myself glued to the tv since then watching all the follow up and news of damage and victims. So sad. got a phone call from a blog reader in DC who is from Norman and his family was safe.Thanks guys for the comments and emails.  It's pretty sad waiting here to hear news if any of the 30 kids still in the school will be found alive or not. it's not looking good.  I've been holding it together up until I saw the interview with the little girl who was in the school and talking about holding onto the wall so she "wouldn't fly away into the tornado".  
We are usually pretty used to tornado weather here in Oklahoma, but this event they are saying might be the worst one yet! :(

who's your buddy... :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

a weekend is not long enough....

made it back home today at the airport by 2:15pm.. which was pretty cool considering my flight was supposed to leave Houston at 2:17...I got on standby for an earlier flight and made it.  I didn't plan my return so well, and am never doing that again, meaning a flight that leaves at 8am.. then was going to have a couple of hours layover in Houston etc... was so happy to get home after going to the grocery store for milk and broccoli and bananas. ha
was home by 3 to find clouds and thunderstorms moving in and tornado sirens going off the whole time I was outside walking around the yard and checking out my landscaping and plants from while I was gone.
We did have tornados the afternoon that hit houses and such NE of OKC. now I"m about to crash in my own bed and plan to hopefully sleep heavy.  I got an outfit all ready to go for tomorrow morning. only two more weeks of school left.
I don't know if I mentioned it before but I've had a beard all spring and have been letting my hair grow long.
it got so long on top that I took trimmers and cut off the part above my ears on both side, so it was looking sort of strange by the time I got my haircut last week before the trip. I shaved the beard and got my hair buzz cut short on top. so new me tomorrow. :)
well I need to give a run down on what I did yesterday. it wasn't the most well planned day, but I a super duper fun morning. woke up at my hotel in west village near meatpacking district due north, The Jane Hotel NYC... which I highly recommend for a lower priced hotel, for those who don't mind walking down the hall to a shared bathroom.  It's recently remodeled and reopened in the last 5 years or so.  each room is small with a twin bed and a flat screen tv on the wall and ipod doc, and free wireless... the mattress and pillows and sheets all so nice, seriously.  I think if  my Austin buddy and I ever go back we're going to get a room with 2 bunkbeds...
So anyway, I woke up and lounged in bed catching up on internet and emails, some news on tv, and just laying there in the firm but cozy bed and think white cotton 300 thread sheets. and the pillows!
I had a corner room with a window view of the water and looking across to NJ I think...eventually got everything packed up.I had to check out and go to another hotel. I accidentally only reserved one night and they got sold out. I was able to leave my stuff in a luggage room all day though until I came back..they were very friendly and helpful.
I walked north towards the high line, found a postoffice to get stamps to put on the 18 postcards I bought to send to my newcomer students, then walked around the meatpacking district aimlessly looking to get a few more postcards and also find someplace to get some breakfast snacks.  went up to the high line and loved every single thing about it. the design, the views, the fun. I was literally walking and smiling to myself . such a great cool cloudy morning. was perfect. I had an outfit on that I'd planned for the day,jeans and a long sleeve navy tshirt under my Takahashi Muraki tshirt that I never wear in OKC but felt like it was just the thing for running around okc. so I was glad for the cool weather. I took tons of photos of the high line itself and the views from there.  had some gelatto and bought some original photo postcards from a guy's table there.
My friend A called and said she was coming downtown, we planned to meet in soho, but no rush we both had separate shopping to do.. I started walking that direction through the village and found a little street festival going on with booths on all these closed down streets. I bought a bronze fish dish sort of thing at one of them.  went by the Monocle store, my favorite magazine, and probably talked too much to the guy working there about how much I love my Boston bag and have been all over the world with it and it still looks new, and my matching computer bag etc etc etc..
walked in and out of stores as I got to soho, also some booths on the streets there.. before I could meet A somewhere, she had to go back uptown for lunch... so I made my toward the Dean and Delucca where I like to eat a quick lunch, their ham and cheese croissant!!!!! SO SO SO GOOD
continued shopping up and down the streets that afternoon and met A again at the Uniqlo on Broadway...
we shopped a bit more and then she left back uptown, I shopped few more place but as it approached 5, I decided to walk back to the Jane and get my stuff over to the other hotel.
I was SO tired from walking all day, i got a taxi cab over to the hotel in Chinatown, well actually on Bowery and Canal. I'll talk about that place later..
I changed up and went uptwon to 96th street west side to meet A as she was getting out fo the 2nd night of the school performance.. we split up again, I went back down to time square and she went to dinner with her hosts and family.  I ended the night at a former student's birthday party in the east village at Augoyoyo
will try and post some more and get pics of the shopping haul up here. cheers