Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thursday, May 09, 2013

historical hotness....

any of these guys cute enough for ya? there was an article in NYTimes Magazine a while back about "My Daguerreotype Boyfriend"... which inspired this post. decided on which ones you may think are hot and then you can read who they actually are:
1. 21 year old Theodore Roosevelt
2. Ernest Hemingway, age twenty-four, from his 1923 passport
3. Gene Kelly
4.Johannes Brahms, circa 1853, age 20.
5.a cowboy circa 1890
6. Denys Finch-Hatton  who was portrayed by Robert Redford in the movie Out of Africa

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

mid week check

things are in motion here in okc....I'm just excited to get through the next 3 weeks and starting summer of course! ha...
anyway, I had my big long day of work yesterday, and I fellow teacher picked me up to work and then took me to the college after school, and then my sister picked me up from work and took me to my other sister's house.  Her daughter has an old Ford Escort that she parked last week after my dad fixed her Mazda, so they were willing to let me drive that while I get things situated...
I went and got my pickup back today from the garage, it drove home just fine, go figure, I'm going to drive it down to my buddy's shop at some point this weekend and just leave it until he can get it going again.... his idea was to find a used transmission to put in the truck, also I feel like leaving it with him may get a chance to see what's actually wrong with it and if it's fixable etc etc.. for example new trans and clutch or just transmission etc..
When I got my truck today at the garage, my friend there recommended a chevy half ton 6 cylinder, saying the Chevrolet trucks are easier to work on than Fords... and that I shoudl be able to find something used around 2 or 3 years old with low mileage and in my price range... but I'm still going to seek out a Ford Ranger also... :)
other fyi news, I was contacted yesterday about an interview at the college for the full time position! so step two is checked, the interview. It' will be in 2 weeks and the email I was sent to confirm the time and date said it would be 2 hours and to have a 10-15 minute presentation ready teaching something from my comp 1 or 2 class.. whoah!
incredibly busy work week, getting our one on one speaking tests finished during planning , this means I get no planning time, so I'm working all I can to keep stuff graded and passed back and the copies made and stuff prepared for the next day etc... also it's getting old having the sub cover for my co teachers who had been gone all week. back Monday . UGH!
hope all are having a great spring kick off. 

wrap it up, I'll take it...

Monday, May 06, 2013


Universe, my truck!....

My best find in the world Ford Ranger has seen its last days I"m afraid...
I couldn't have found a better deal, in 2001, I bought my 2000 ranger with 12,000 miles on it for $6500.
what a deal and its ran wonderfully ever since, except for the timing belt going out a few years ago etc etc..
now it's the transmission and/or clutch going out.  the local garage says $1700 to replace transmission and maybe $2300 for the tranny and clutch. ugh
SO I figure, what with my love of long drives to Texas or Arkansas and back, I might as well replace it with something newer.  hopefully something between 10-15k.....
Universe, I ask you, what truck or pickup is comparable to the Ford Ranger which they quit making in 2011 anyway, a chevrolet Colorado?  Ford F10?.... within the next week I'm going to have to replace my little truck. :)
it failed me on the way to church yesterday morning, my parents came over and my dad towed me behind his truck over the garage a few blocks away, left my pickup and keys there.... this morning I took the OKMETRO bus system to work.  left the house an hour early on foot, walked a mile and a half and found the bus stop for the route downtown, then I switched to the bus that goes south to my school.... got a call this afternoon from the garage saying it was driving fine and they weren't sure what was wrong with it, (! isn't it always the case, you take it to the shop and then nothing wrong happens!)  I told them to keep checking it out, they called back later when I got home to say they'd have to replace the transmission and possibly more.

 man I was beat tired after school today. I was going to bus back home but I gave in to calling my buddy S who picked me up on the way home from his job downtown and brought me home.
SO! now I'm shopping for a newish car/truck.... sigh. searching on carmax and autotrader etc etc... something around 12,000 and low mileage blah blah

btw, my Mexican buddy who has his own garage shop, said he could put in a used transmission cheaper, but we both agreed it's time to get a newer car since I like to drive long distances every now and then and years to come.... I may have him replace with a used transmission in the meantime...

Sunday, May 05, 2013

for those who dream of travel.....

bedding is from Restoration Hardware child page.  But if I could afford them, I could afford to actually travel to those places. ha.

big Sunday....