Saturday, March 09, 2013

manly military.mmmm

ha ha

I know this is a commercial but there's just something hot about it,
 probably something to do with giving the puppet a male voice


more military manliness...

pencil me in....

none are mine, just a photo essay from websurfing... :)

military man

Friday, March 08, 2013

sprng brk...

finally arrived. going to start it off right with some slurpy yummy awesome pizza for dinner! my vet friend and I area bout to meet up for dinner and then maybe go walk around the outlet mall for a while. It's getting pretty windy and cool out so we shall see.
and then tonight I'll probably stay up just a little bit later than usual. I considered packing up and going up to AR for the weekend but instead would rather just enjoy hanging easy for a while at home.
during this break I plan to check all the local area schools for jobs, just out of curiosity, and then I also want to give San Antonio just a wee bit of consideration, as far as working at the language institute down there, same one we trained at before going overseas. although the thing about that job is it is year 'round with out school calendar breaks, on the other hand, after I've worked there about 6 months, I think I'd be eligible to go overseas and work in whatever various countries etc etc.... but I'm not even seriously considering it, it's just good to know what other opportunities are out there that I think I could do, so that I realize why exactly I'm sticking with the current situation. ha ha.
I woke up last night around 1 and went to the bathroom half awake, I thought I heard a sound like the water was running outside but I couldn't figure it out since I'd never turned on the faucet on that side of the house, I listened a bit more, then though maybe it's the ac/heat unit or the fan going or whatever, went back to sleep.
flash forward to this morning I was on my way out of the house to school and walking from the back porch to where I park under the carport, guess what, a hose was running I left there the night before. UGHH.. ha ha.. at least I know those plants got a good soaking.
Today was the last day of school for a couple weeks and i was glad to get it over with. pretty much had the kids making posters of animals and then labeling them, and another class did a sort of GOOGLE scavenger hunt internet activity, and then my last hour had a math class, after which I showed them the skyboard and lions in South AFrica videos.   hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND. :)

my sonia....

good morning! if you haven't seen this film, everything about it is over the top! one of the very best of bollywood....

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

sweet film...

man if tomorrow weren't a school night, I would MOS DEF be at the museum watching this film! maybe I can catch it on Netflix in the future. I love any film about Photography. love love love

no post Tuesday

heck no, way too busy on Tuesdays.  I had a pretty dad gum good weekend.and this week has been crazy 'cause we're doing some testing with certain groups of kids yesterday and today. This involved me sending notes and emails to teachers and putting tickets in their boxes blah blah. won't bore you with the details, but suddenly my usual planning time was being used to grade papers. UGHH so I'm behind a little bit.
tomorrow I should have time to catch up. I'm trying to keep things going steady right up til the end of the week. SPRING BREAK IS NEXT! woo hoo.
I got an email about cancelling my stock club meeting Monday night due to this one guy in the group who died suddenly in a car crash last Wednesday.  His funeral was yesterday and I plan to get a card in the mail soon.  It was an older married retired couple in a car accident, they were both previously widowed and remarried.  I wasn't hugely close to them, and only know them from sitting across a table from that guy once a month at our club meetings the last 3 years. There are only 5 of us in the stock club and the guy from the bank that leads it. That reminds me I also need to mail in my monthly dues since we didn't meet.
my Tuesday night college class was awesome. I always try to plan all these different parts of the class to teach things and include activities and always come up over planned with to little time. but that's a good thing! As a teacher you can never be over planned.
I got my new teaching certificate in the mail this week and took it over to the admin building today to turn into them for records, I also brought my receipt to get reimbursed for the fee of taking the test. now I am certified in 6-12 English, 6-12 math, and ESL. woo hoo.   I had a good visit with one of the facilitators there, someone I had hoped to be working with (we had a lot of the same masters course classes together).
got to the gym in time for a great back/shoulder workout. and now I'm just turning off the tv as there is absolutely NOTHING ON TV!!! ha ha, it's all repeats and then on my standby station the PBS channel, they are having fundraisers so really nothing.  I might catch up on some youtube videos or netflix to relax a bit.  I am really really really happy that only 2 days more til my 2 week spring break.
But it is a very careful balance of keeping my mind on the game at work, 'cause the kids will begin to get a little crazy too.  Actually most of our kids aren't TOO TOO excited since they won't eat as good of meals and will be home bored all day mainly without seeing the friends they see all the time at school.
Some have mentioned parties. can you believe we had some of our 9th graders show up Monday saying they'd been at a party the night before til 12 midnight?!?!?! parents?!?!?!
There is a huge list of things we would really LOVE to try and explain to parents when they "move" to this country with their kids about the cultural norms and how to support their kids being successful in school. sigh......

Sunday, March 03, 2013

ink well....

creep...(the song that is...)

just posting this for the clever editing.... :)


spring around the corner, woo hoo!

I had considered the TCKTS option for quick tickets to things in NYC, but I've still decided to wait until later this spring.  Actually it might work out for a weekend in May which would be cool as there is more time for gym between now and then. ha My friend A invited me to go along with here in May so we are going to see what plans can be made. SHWEET!  (This is my lesbian friend who i grew up with taking to church youth group stuff in 9th and 10th grade...we both went our separate ways and colleges and only recently began to "hang" again a few years ago.  She is also the one who I move furniture with now and then for some extra cash at the place she works selling trailer homes, so we move the staging furniture in and out of homes and storage whenever they sell. anyway.......)
phoenixkidd,  I don't particular have any hots for John Grant, just an interesting talent that I appreciate and I find his background fascinating and his love for languages etc. now if I ever met him in person, who knows. :P
j.lee, I agree the oscars should have a live orchestra, not piped in.  Has anyone else re-watched over and over the Shirley Bassey performance? I have. ha  and I was wondering how were they so in sync? That will be a highlight of Oscar moments for a while I'm thinking...
thatguy, I don't have any plans to visit Austin for a while. My friend going through his recovery and all down there, I figured I'd wait til I'm actually invited instead of just showing up whenever i have time off. plus he's busy with all his own life and stuff and stuff etc etc. i won't go into on this blog. but anyway, I think the ideal will be for my bud and I to travel to a new place together where we can both be on vacation time and just relax and discover things new with each other instead of me being a guest whereever/whatever he's doing in Austin. if that makes sense. ha I do LOVE AUSTIN and most likely will get back down there at some point this summer perhaps...?
Kentokc, good to hear from you again. I mention stuff going on in the city and wonder if there are actually any local people who find this blog. ha thanks for the comment.
thanks also to Tony E and Mark G for the comments on past posts. good to hear feedback on the random stuff I'm always posting on here. ha... I'll have some spring/summer shopping ideas coming up no doubt. Once I get some cash saved back up to blow on such things. ha Mr. M, good to hear other teachers are out there dealing with same. And Rambler thanks for the encouragement. and pookie thanks for the comments.  I'm going back only a few weeks here on some of the comments I've gotten and thought I'd say hey. Thanks to any readers who give feedback of course! :)
This weekend has been pretty awesome. the weather so great, and you'll find me more and more on the up and up now that it's march and spring coming and eventually summer... ha ha  I have only one week of school left this week before my 2 week spring break. then another week and heck, March is practically over which only leaves April and May... When I mentally think of that 2 month time before getting out for the summer, it always reminds me of how in AFgahniistan I had 2 months left and how I would break it up into how many weekends and how closer and closer it came and how it flew by pretty fast actually. ha ha. My goal this spring is to really get my name out there to other schools and colleges just for the practice of job hunting.  I want to look while secure in a job and then if the right door opens, bingo! if not, ahh well.
last I posted about my busy Friday, accomplished all. although I had to bring home my work computer to make lesson plans before Monday morning, all in due time.  I had a big move job with A from 430 to 630 and then barely made it for my pizza date back in town.  A and I were talking about how busy she's been with her G'mas failing health and she and her wife still trying to have a baby.  I was quieter than usual since the move was so much work. But we got through, the great team we are! Just imagine  backing up to a trailer without any porch just an open door, and moving huge couches and loveseats and dressers and table etc etc in and out, and then back into the front door of another trailer home. good exercise!  I never have many new things to say to A, but this time since I know her so well and we both share a desire of living right in our faith, I spoke to her about my recent quiet times about the holy spirit and how I'd been praying lately more about being in touch with the holy spirit within me as a Christian and keeping that with me throughout the day. for me it's about having a heart for the kids and not getting cranky and selfish with them or co workers or complain about anything to my coworkers or others etc etc.. anyway, we had a very good chat! and thus the plans for a NYC trip in a few months. :)
I took my truck in yesterday morning to the local garage FINALLY to have the thermostat replaced. it went out about a month ago, which means I've been driving to school in the mornings with minimal heat coming down below. This was the first free Saturday I had to leave there, bike home, and then go back at 12 to pick it up.  drove next to the Harbour Freight hardware store. Are the nationwide? they have great prices on cheaper Chinese made stuff basically but still good in a pinch for tools. I was there for the $10 advertised solar powered sonic mole deterrent items. also a soaker hose which wasn't on the list but heck why not, also $10. ha drove over to my folks place and made  sandwich in my mom's kitchen. yum fridge always stocked, and sat around talking to my sis and her kids and then another sis who came over too.  My sis is married to a principal so I talked about some school stuff, but tried to restrain myself to not talk too much.(  As I've grown up, I've tried to become a better listener and not just a talk talk talker. I have to really make myself listen, which by that I mean ask questions repeating something you've just been told. it really shows you are paying attention and my mind will completely wonder and I will pretty much just listen to take a break from what I want to say next. annoying! Obviously I have a lot of issues with need for attention or to be heard or accepted or adequacy or self control, but let's not bring any of that up ! blah!) Enjoy your Sunny Sunday if you're having one.  my goal today is to finish grading the 15 essays in front of me, get to the gym for a while, come back home and just relax!

why fun