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Thursday, February 28, 2013


busy body

swimming right through the week, I'm speaking figuratively...the weeks has gone by quick enough which is always a good thing. I can't begin to say with enough excitement how glad I am to see the end of February because that's all the more closer to SUMMER.. haha. well actually March and spring break. I don't have any major plans other than maybe get up to AR or down to Dallas. I found some great flights today to NYC actually for $270 roundtrip. normally I'd be all over that! but, I have to consider I don't have a bundle saved up right now to blow on the hotel stay and then shop shop shopping. nor have I planned far enough in advance to get good show tickets... so alas I'll keep dreaming of getting back thar!
 I received my certification test results and I passed! woo hoo. now I can add ESL cert to my teaching certificate, added to the English and Math. :) I already added them today online with the state dept of ed. and then I will bring my receipt by the district admin tomorrow to get the $130 fee reimbursed. can't beat that. And if I get another job this summer with another school district, will I feel bad even one little itty bit??? Nope! ha ha, after they hired some younger guy with alternative teaching certification, no masters in TESOL, and without certification in ESL for the job I had wanted as facilitator, nope I won't feel bad one bit. ha
 I can't believe it's already on the downside of this school year, just last summer over and over I ranted on and on here on the blog about trying to get that job and out of teaching!!! UGH!!! but I'll tell it hasn't been so bad teaching the kids, and I love 'em to death, It's just a big cultural gap trying to get them to WANT TO LEARN and then to have a bit of manners and social skills,(i.e. respect , and not just for teachers, for others, themselves, for education etc...).
 I went by the store on the way home and stocked up big time on cereal and other food, now I'm off to arm day at gym, my favorite just behind back/shoulder day and leg day, which now that I think about it doesn't mean much coming in 3rd out of 5 to 6 days of workouts a week. blah I'm doing a million things tomorrow, planning to get to school early to get some grades in the computer and get a listening exercise worked out, something I'm boring from my teaching lessons in afghanistan, but I have to change all the parts of it that mention the mess hall or barracks or air force base to something school related. after school I will go directly to the board to turn in aforementioned papers, then to the gym for a good long leg workout, then to my buddy A's work for a move job by 4:30... then try to get home and meeting my vet friend for pizza by 6:40pm.. She'll want to hangout for a good hour or two til they close probably. then I'll be home ready to CRASH. so here's to the weekend, let's get it started already! ha

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

no sno...

Yesterday there was all this hype about a snowstorm coming to okc, compute models predictions etc etc..  things were closing down all over the place last night as it drizzled on and never snowed or froze over..because it was coming!!!! and my school even had an announcement last hour yesterday about students checking the website and NEWS about any closings.  I took my computer home yesterday just in case, and last night I didn't do much, moved away from the computer after road show went off and flipped some channels and fell asleep in the chair I was in, woke up a bit later and took a long hot bath before getting all snuggle in bed.  Didn't wash the breakfast dishes in the sink for this morning, didn't lay out any clothes to wear this morning...(anyone else do as much prep as possible the night before to help get you OUT THE DOOR ON TIME in the morning? ha).
so I went to bed last night thinking, ahhhh, perhaps I'll be woken up by the computer phone call from the district when it's closed... went to bed looking outside, everything mild and drizzly and no snow...
well they predicted maybe around 3am the snow would come down.. i woke up around 1 am, and thought about it and got up to look out the window. nothing. woke up later around 3 to use the bathroom, still no weather coming down...blah. I got online and saw the radar screens showing no snow here and all moving north. phooey, went back to bed knowing I'd be working today, my long busy day at both jobs and doing it on less sleep. 
So that was my day, and I lasted just fine, did a bit of trading off back and forth teaching my newcomers class with the other teacher, taught a lot of stuff steadily today at school and got a LOT of papers passed back.  after school I did some test prepping stuff (we are testing the English of all the ESL students in the school starting next week). 
College class tonight went swimmingly well, I was relaxed enough and had it all lined up and planned out.  Was slow starting getting any discussion going about MLK's Letter from Birmingham... but eventually after the quiz we did some group discussions and then talked about the next essay due. I loved tonight's class, and ended with reading a short work and getting them to tell me about rhetorical appeals used.
I am pretty excited for spring break coming up and hopefully a bit more mild weather.  I don't have any plans this year, nothing ever came forth about a trip to NYC again, so I'm just going to plan on saving money and staying local. other than definitely getting up to AR to visit friends there and definitely a trip to Dallas, not that I want to shop for anything but just to get away.
well this turned out to be a pretty non sexy boring work post. I'll respond to the post about the awards given. I was glad to see Danial Day Lewis win, and I suppose Ang Lee. I didn't see many of the movies this year, but I suppose the silver lining movie must be a must see at some point.  I was glad to see the short film from Disney win, and also the Curfew movie American made, but i was still rooting for the afghan film. ha.  All the speeches were cool and seemed heartfelt and inspired. all right I'm hitting the sack and catching ZZZZZZZZZZZZs!

Monday, February 25, 2013

workout buddy....

sobre por favor....

anyone watch the oscars? I thought it was one of the most entertaining in a long time. I'm not saying it was the best ever, but still very entertaining. I'm no mcfarland fan and was surprised he was even doing it, but hopefully never again. I hope they can get Fey and pohler next year or at least some other witty comedian or Hugh Jackman or patrick-harris. ha
I enjoyed all the glamour and show. kristen Chenoweth adds energy to anything, and I loved seeing her interact with everyone. I think my favorite bit was Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger, I was smiling ear to ear when it finished and everyone gave a standing ovation. You could really tell everyone there was enjoying getting the best of the best entertainment. Adele! does no wrong. and the musical numbers were good more or less. ;). I felt bad for norah Jones because she wasn't really belting it and plus having to share a stage the same night as legends! Streisand performing etc.. The Dreamgirls song was performed powerfully but you ain't gonna here anything ever as good as Jennifer Holiday singing at the TOny awards. whoah! I think my second most favorite bit was the dance number with Tatum and Theron. Not that I'm a huge channing fan or anything, but it was fun to see them execute a little dance number.
 So basically a bunch of hokieness with the mcfarland bits and star trek bit (although I love anything star trek, I'll admit). and then the Goldfinger number just really classed it up beyond the pail, I mean here it was this signature bond song from the old glamour hollywood days (seemingly to me anyway) and the way everyone just seemed to eat up the moment. I enjoyed all the orchestration of music with songs from film. I've read some reviews that it was too much staging of songs like a Tony's show, but I think it hit the mark more or less. Most speeches seemed very heartfelt and not too self important sounding. let me know what you thought whether agree or no.
 I remember a few years ago when they did a sort of theme in that great actors or actresses that were maybe past winners introduced the nominees, that was different and cool. last year's oscars will probably remain the worst of the worst what with Franco bombing everything. I think David Letterman also was unsuccessful the year he hosted. I guess it can't always be Billy Crystal or Steve Martin. that reminds me Ellen would be cool to see again do the Oscars. I actually fell asleep before it was over last night. I was looking forward to seeing Chenoweth sing at the end but no going...I woke up with my laptop to the side of me in bed and news on the tv. ugh. turned it off and went to sleep, waking this morning thinking, wait, i didn't see chenoweth sing or who one the major awards!!! ha but I can google all those things. blah I do hope to see a clip of her singing and I guess of the girl I heard that fell.
 No gym today, dang it all, I drove over there and empty parking lot and closed down for the weather. what!?!?  some drizzle and snow on the way but only 34 and plenty of time for workout and getting home. ha ha. I know they have to be safe for what's predicted, supposedly a ton of snow is on the way and possibly no school tomorrow.  I brought my work computer home with me just in case.
I got some good cardio when I got back from the gym shoveling some of the leaves and gunk from the sort of gutter between the curb and the street my house is on. I like to keep it draining without stopping up making puddles in the street. that was a good warm up and then I came inside for the night! next dinner and maybe going to make some chocolate chip cookies tonight or tomorrow if I have to stay home.  stay warm and keep safe everybody!

mmmm.... that voice!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

hey good looking....

from yesterday...

on my way to get some extra cardio in today at the gym.. but I wanted to write a bit about the movies last night, the Oscar nominated action short films.  I went with my buddy S and a couple from okc D and G.  We had a really good time eating dinner at Kaiser's, a historical diner near Anthony's hospital on 13th.  We all splurged and had a milkshake with dinner slurp! yum.  D wasn't feeling well and went home but the rest of us headed over to the art museum for the films.  They were all pretty good. I had a hard time deciding which one I liked as a favorite to win the oscar.  I appreciated the movie about the Somali pirate village and a kid who goes out fishing and finds something unexpected instead....but that's the second short film I've seen this year about Somali pirates and the whole somali situation feels me with such dread and grief UGHHH. I suppose that is the good thing about getting awareness out there in short films about what's going on out there in the world.
Another excellent eye into foreign cultures out there was provided by the film Buzkashki Boys (SP?). THis was filmed and about Kabul Afghanistan. I loved so much getting to see the snow covered mountains in the film and there was a part where the boys are climbing around the ruins of the old bombed out parliamentary building! Iwas so excited telling J, hey I've been there! right across the street! ha. at one point in the film you can see the museum on the other side of the road that I got to visit while there.  So that movie was closest to my heart, as it made me think of my experiences there and the culture all my former students are still living in, and their kindness etc... So my Oscar pic is a tie between that film and another called "Henry". Henry was a really well made French film that you experience through the eyes of an old senior man dealing with losing his memory and suffering between what's a dream and reality, it was super sweet.
other films shown were definitely entertaining. a movie about capturing shadows of people as they died which had a twist ending, and an American film which was actually pretty touching about a guy about to kill himself when he receives a call from his estranged sister to ask him to babysit his niece.  That was also well acted and fascinating. but my two top pics are those mentioned above.
Is anyone doing something special tonight for Oscars?  I dont' have anything planned and will probably have the tv on in the background as I'm getting things done arouund the house and ready for tomorrow.  I also have to admit I haven't seen hardly any of the movies nominated anyway. but I'm pretty much rooting for Daniel Day Lewis for actor and Spielberg for director and definitely Argo for picture. :)

hold on....

about Friday

I woke up early Friday and having just turned on the hall light and walking into the dark front living room, I heard a "BOOM!".  It was heard and seemingly felt from the north.  It's strange how my experience teaching overseas made the sound seem recognizable as an explosion.  I looked out the front door, then went about my morning of getting dressed, breakfast made, and then while eating breakfast saw the news on tv.  A helicopter had crashed and gone down a few miles north of my neighborhood near a busy morning intersection, landing in a field away from streets or houses. They praised the pilot for getting the copter down without hitting and streets or houses, and reported two fatalities and two in critical condition. It was a hospital helicopter on its way to pick up a patient somewhere. how sad. I drove to work thinking of the sort of work nurses do and began to pray for the families of any victims who might be just getting the news.
Otherwise Friday at work got off to a great start, we had a Black History Month assembly which began with some teachers singing the black national anthem, and then a speaker from Langston university, and some performances by students, and also including different groups of sorority and fraternity students of Langston who did a bunch of step dancing, sort of a stomp and clapping style. They did a great job.
There was a sub for a teach on my team who I know from the gay scene in okc. She also used to be a teacher at my school and now stays home with a 3 year old boy who she had with her partner. she had the baby by being inseminated with donor sperm, who I found out she used a place in CA and the father was dark haired, 6'4", blue eyes, and she got to read an entire file of his likes, dislikes, experiences in life, beliefs and outlook.  We had a pretty long talk about being gay in okc and dating and having kids etc etc etc... It was pretty funny because the gay and lesbian things are completely different, but we had a great discussion.  She has 6 embryos still frozen from the process. so curious.
Friday night I saw the Oscar nominated shorts. is everyone ready to watch tonight?  Of the shorts I saw Friday, I don't think the simpsons film would be a winner.  I equally like the Adam and Dog short and Disney's Paperman as winners. I like the way Adam and Dog showed a sort of behind the scenes interpretation of the history of Adam and Eve, and the Paperman story was cleverly carried out.  Head over Hills was a good short film but too vague and abstract in the setting.  Always adds to watching the awards when you know the films, however this year I have to say I'm not too familiar with MANY of the best picture nominees. ha

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