Saturday, February 16, 2013

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good Saturday here, woke up to a light fluffy snow on the ground which was unexpected. The girl that cut my hair today said it started up late last night. She saw it falling from her enclosed back porch last night and described it as the perfect light snow falling just like what it looks like in a snow globe. I have been at teacher training this morning and got back home in time for my usual pizza lunch. then I went and got the haircut.
 Not sure if I mentioned it, but about a month ago, I was talking to a co worker about my shoes and my sweater having the same color stripes in them, and she made a remark that" If I didn't know you better, I'd say that sounded so gay". which I laughed off, ha ha. and was sort of confused because I think she really thinks I'm not gay. ha whatever, not that I'd really care one way or another, but point is moot at work anyway as far I'm concerned. Anyway, yesterday we were all walking in and out of the office that adjoined two of our classrooms. and I was telling here that the other male ESL teacher was talking to the other team teacher (there are 4 of us in our team of ESL) and he was talking about marriage being fine just before God and not with a church's approval and I was just sort of laughing about it saying I don't know if I agree or what but I'm not even getting into that conversation ha ha... and then she tells em "well you know he's gay right?" Hmmmm funny because he's a latin guy and although I'd always figured he's maybe gay, I never really considered it either way. ha he's an older heavy set round guy with classes, thick accent, and not a favorite at our school because of his temper and other. Anyway it's pretty funny it'd just never come up before but okay.
I was driving home from work yesterday thinking of that part in the movie "St. Elmo's Fire" where the guy asked the hooker on the street why she never asks hi if he's looking for a date, and she says "'Cause I thought you was gay."  ha ha.. classic. Last night on the new Reba dorky comedy sitcom, there was a character of a high school kid who said he was gay, and last night the guy come out as NOT gay and really did like Reba's daughter on the show.... blah blah blah, now that's modern for ya. It's pretty weird to see Lily Tomlin on a tv show playing Reba's mom.  after seeing her on youtube throwing a tantrum on film sets, it makes me wonder what all the poor young actors on set of the tv show have to put up with. awwww.
( by the way, have you seen I heart Huckabees? one of my fave films. anyone else?)
If anyone reads the magazine Outside, there is an excellent article this month about a restaurant on an island up in Northwest U.S. that only serves food they find on the island (or from the sea). And how it's getting tons of attention etc etc. anyway, the way the article was written and food described!! love stuff like that!! It's funny 'cause I'm not the kind of guy who will really eat just anything, after all I'm the guy that used to have the same peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chocolate chips every night for dinner. But I love the idea of EXPERIENCE, the preparation and production and serving of a great meal, what a great read! something about all that is why I love that movie "Babbette's Feast". have you seen it? It's a foreign film so may not be your think, and the setting and action of the movie is very sparse, but oh so interesting. Other great food film? Eat Drink Man Woman, Big Night!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

arm yourself

another good workout day. today was arm day and man I love the feeling of leaving that place after arm day.  Something about those useless yet pretty biceps that just so easy to pump on up. I switch back from a bicep to a tricep workout, so basically it's curl bar, use same for headbangers laying back on the bench. then preacher dumbell curls back and forth with , um, I'm not sure what you call it where you have your arms up with hands holding a dumbell above your head and then while you sit there go back behind your head and back up with the dumbell for tri's.... next curls with dumbells and pull down cable bar for tri's. finished with curling the bench bar with a little extra weight on it. Sometimes I imagine I'm lifting a garage door while I'm doing this to help me keep the bar level. ha.... and then I did some dips for tris. I tried it (get it, tri's and tried it) anyway I tried it with a 35 pound weight in my lap and then went down to a 25. I was feeling a definite pump in my arms. one thing I always love doing before getting the heck out of the gym after arm day is pull ups. I'm always thinking how the arms are too tired now to do pullups, but sure enough now that they're all pumped up and with the help of your back muscle on the pullup, you get this extra little kick and burn on the pull ups. excellent. When I got to my I gave each arm a good squeeze to enjoy the size before it all shrunk down. ha ha. what a great day, I will always love my Thursdays. okay boring.... about the my little gym crush...
well I'm not crushing on him so much anymore, just what happens once i get to know the guy I guess.. he's still very hunky and bumpy all over, had a nice sleeveless tee on today , and still a cute little stutter. I found today he was raised by his grandmother and still lives with her. And we talked about him having a cellphone and how I deactivated my facebook last night, and how he just finally remembered how to get into his after 3 years. he forgot his answer to the questions they ask when you forget the password etc etc.
hope those of you with red hot lovers are enjoying the day.  I had a great day at school more or less. and enjoyed the sunny day. Did anyone catch the "in the middle" tv show last night, I almost cried at how it ended when the brothers friend kissed the girl that he took to the dance and was telling her it wasn't just to be nice. that just got me! ha ha.  I never really liked or bothered watching the show suburgatory....but lately I like the romance on there between the smart girl and the dumb jock character.  so that's me the hopeless romantic I guess. ha.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

well my night class was cancelled tonight due to snow, which sucked because I really like that once a week break from the high school kids. ha I still went by the college to get some office work done, about an hour's worth, sending out an email to the class about what was due for next week etc.. came home and got an extra gym day in, although I only did cardio and abs. Thing is I've been stuffed up all weekend and week with a very slight cough and taking nyquil at night and blowing my nose all day . so I didn't feel like getting a big time workout in today. I had a great chest day yesterday and my buddy was at the gym to chat with here and there. he had an xl loose tshirt on that just ended at his crotch to where you coudn't see the usual package. I kidded him about the loose shirt with some sort of remark and he said he needed to laundry. I said something about getting bigger and wearing tighter shirts and how he had on the sleeveless last week, and he laughed and said I like wearing that shirt on arm days so I can see my arms all pumped. ha So anyway today no one much up at the gym what with the weather and all. I had a great night watching tv and searching stuff on the internet, killed quite a bit of time watching the tons of harlem shake videos that every one is doing on youtube. I'ts fun just to see the world as a community playing the same game, and how group are getting together and getting into it with all the random dance moves. nice to know it's still a creative world out there once in a while. Sometimes I think it's worse being single in the winter than in the summer. My bedroom keeps a bit colder than the rest of the house but I have a nice blanket and a goose down comforter I got at ikea which keep me warm. although some nights I'd jsut prefer someone to be here to experience all that sleep time with, some cuddling here and there or to talk to. but I guess if I really wanted to find some one I would have by now. Either that or I'm stuck in OKC well there is nothing quite better than listing to a pandora mix of Pink Floyd/ kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wknd Ovr

well I survived the weekend, but I was sort of trying to get over this allergy/cold thing I have. I was doing okay with a small cough and a bit of stuffy nose but as the day went on by tonight I was just blowing my nose and trying to breathe through my nose. I drank a lot of hot tea today to see if it'd help, and just now before bed I took some nyquil to see if that will help me sleep better. tomorrow I have some flonase type nasal spray I'll use before heading to work and we'll see where that gets me. Otherwise the weekend went pretty smoothly and I'm not pretty much fired up and ready to get back to work tomorrow morning. I went to dinner with S on Friday night at jason's Deli and we got all caught up, what with him going to AR a lot to see his bf. Saturday morning I got my place picked up and then ran errands and then went to a garden club meeting at 12-3. I came home from that feeling tired and it was too late to up to the gym past 3 since they close at 4pm on Saturdays. I had considered going out to dinner with Scott, his bf, and some friends they were having in town, but the friends were not coming until 10pm or so, so all the plans for going out were cancelled. I was going to go downtown instead and see the oscar nominated short films, but wasn't in the mood. They are showing again the weekend of the 22nd so that's when I'll go for real. Today I went to a different church, a congregationalist church and met my friend A and her wife there. It was okay, they have a woman paster and she pretty much read her sermon. it was just okay, next week I'm going to try out a baptist church which according to a comment I read on Facebook, hey play hymn every Sunday... got tons of laundry and pick up done today at home, did some yardwork outside as it was warm enough. and then the gym this afternoon for leg day, and in home the rest of the night, just got done watching the grammy's before bed. I was super excited to see Fun get some awards! yeehaw! okay I better hit the sack, hope everyonje had a great weeken dcheers

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