Friday, January 25, 2013


this is why you want an experienced boat might hurt watching this.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

fun buddy...

white shorts again...

made it to gym today and I ran, I ran so far away....(flock of seagulls). anyway, I ran on the treadmill some and then started up with my arms day. Gym buddy C was there today and lifter and getting all pumped up. that boy is getting all round and hard arms shoulders back chest. dang boy, take it easy wouldya?
 he was doing a lot of arms also and abs and we talked a bit in between sets. today's conversation was mainly about his new classes at a different local community college than the one I work at, one of which is anatomy and he was telling me how the prof said when doing bicep curls to curl the dumbell and then move the arm so that it goes back behind your neck, something like that, and then he demonstrated for me etc etc.. blah blah. and we talked about him having the flu last weekend which explains why I've without for a week...(tsk tskk ha). And he was saying how he hated it and threw up a few times, in which the conversation turned and we were agreeing that we both hardly ever threw up and had what I call cast iron stomach. and He was saying how he's always healthy and never sick, and I said yeah I'm same way, except when I drank too much in college and threw up, which was about once a year, long enough for me to forget how awful it felt. ha and I told him I went to a Christian college and we didn't ever drink so it was always an end of school year cut loose party that we'd indeed have too much. ha he said if he goes out he'll have just one or two beers and only drank more than that when staying home, which I infer means with friends or his gf. at a party maybe? who knows. I told him how I don't drink anymore unless it's a special b-day or something and then it was just a beer or two.
 I don't know why I'm typing the whole conversation, not really that sexy. Let me tell you more about the white shorts he had on, mmmm. although he had a t-shirt on that was a little longer in front and so you got a glimpse of that bulge just every now and then. the shirt though had the sleeve cut off so you had some nice gaps in which to see his arms, shoulders, bit of pecs and the side view. hmm I worked my arms everything I could think of to do, and got out of the gym about a half hour after he left. watched NBC comedy tonight for about an hour, turned it off when The Office came on. I have a busy weekend coming up. dinner with my vet friend A tomorrow night, and then up early early early Saturday for a teacher certification test all the way down in Norman at 7:15am. ugh And then Sunday I'll be gone all day south to a town east of Denton TX. My mom and dad were best friends with another young couple when they first moved down to Texas before they had me. So My mom and her friend N were pregnant at the same time. So I was best friends with G for the first 6 years of my life before my family moved to OKC. They had a daughter my older sister's age, so both our family's would get together once a year either here in OKC or in Texas or halfway at Lake Murray for summer vacation, also they would trade one of us for the other and we'd stay a week with the other family, both boys in one place and the sisters in another. We did this right up until about the time I was in middle school, at which time long distance childhood friends usually drift apart you know...
 Well anyway, all this to say that the mom, N, died yesterday and so as we've all been watching and praying and keeping tabs on facebook the last few months ( she'd been hospitalized a while and the family just turned off the respirator yesterday morning) now we are deciding who can go to the funeral Sunday. My brother is coming down from KS and then my two sisters here in okc and I will also go, and my folks of course. My dad was asked to be a pallbearer, which is interesting because he has no idea why any of us are even bothering going... My dad is so madly in love with my mom but all sentiment stops there. ha! When my mom called to tell me the arrangements and news about who was going etc, we discussed dad's frustration in what the big deal was and why was our entire family going and how he told mom not to convince anyone they should go...that's my dad! In fact, if you watch "In the Middle" on ABC, this week's episode was EXACTLY about that, how the father was a sort of loner and stayed at home. ha My dad does have golfing buddies but that's about it. he's all about staying home with mom. such love. ha
 So anyway, I'll be with my family all day SUnday driving down and back. WE are all looking forward to the meaningful time together, and I also am really looking forward to seeing people I remember from growing up, especially my godmother who has sent me a card/letter and $5 my entire life ever since we moved. She was part of the cirlce of friends of my folks down in TX. I'll also see my former buddy G. he's not on facebook and we've lost touch, getting news about the other only from our moms over the years of course. okay bring the weekend on! I'll try to get a post up at least daily if possible. cheers

eye of the beholder...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

first impressions...

had a great first class back to school tonight.  the class was a lot more talkative than last semester's first night,k when the whole class just sat there and stared back at all night. TOnight the students answered my questions and bravely voiced opinions etc.. it's quite a mix and variety, about a quarter black, about a quarter Hispanic (based on their names) and a few a older but mainly all college age.  One black guy was tall and preppy, some nice oval small wire framed glass and a red longsleeve sweatshirt and red hat, both with a small navy polo insignia on them, way classier than the nasty oversized logo on stuff. blech.  anyway, quite a mix, I think this one latin guy might be gay, just cause of his man bag purse looking thing he carried and just manners overall.  one interesting guy sat in front was a sort of jock boy type, real sturdy build and strong shoulder, a sort of wrestler or baseball playet type guy.  His face was broken out a pit, but I like the tough guy look versus pretty boy looks anyday, ha.  I look forward to the semester with this group, I hope I can keep them all motivated to keep up with class and to keep coming.
I'm lying in bed just now about to nod off and fall asleep.  yawn. sorry it was a super long day. how I look forward to coming home after school tomorrow and relaxing a bit then getting to the gym etc etc.
cheers everyone, have  a great week!

Monday, January 21, 2013

triple threat...

weatherman implications

day off

enjoying the day off here in OKC... had a nice slow morning getting some things picked up and clothes in the wash. I finally put all the Christmas stuff up in the attic and found some sweaters I forgot were up there in a bag with stuff. Also stayed up in the attic for a while looking through stuff and re arranging etc. what a mess. I threw some stuff away from college that looking back over was like, why am I keeping this. ha great sunny day here and I'm about to get out and go get lunch somewhere.
 One of the boxes in my attic is full of t-shirts from college. I used to throw a yearly party and have all the left over shirts that didn't sell. Mostly they are XL shirts, and I think I might put it out on facebook to my old college buddies someday to send me a dollar and get a like new tshirt from college days. ha
School sponsored dances were not allowed at the private Christian college I attended. However we allowed to spontaneously dance all we wanted and we were allowed to throw all the parties we wanted, no alcohol of course.  My first year there I threw a party at my friend S's apt (the friend in Ar I visit w/ diabetes). We invited a small group of friends and tie dyed t-shirts to pass out as door prizes at the party. Was a big hit. What with my skillz for mixing up all the best dance music. ha The next few years I threw the party on my own once in the townhouse I lived in, and the following year in the basement of the townhouse, as the number invited grew and grew.  The next two years (yes it took me a while getting out of college) I rented out the community building, and then the gymnasium of the catholic church in town.  The funnest thing was sending out invitations and inviting my friends and then just randomly selecting new students and interesting people on campus I thought would enjoy the fun. Seriously coke and pepsi and such only sold at the party cheap cheap. but the main money came from selling shirts which cost about $5 each and sold for $10.  Was always a great event and tons of fun, actually the last 4 years of the party my roomate's rock band also played so it helped get a draw as well. what a blast!
My roomate also begin a sort of local palooza yearly rock event in town as well. tons of fun.  Now that I think about it, I had some pretty rocking Christmas parties as well. the first I had my roomie draw up some t-shirts and gave away as door prizes and sold the rest. Even had a bass, soprano, and alto from the school choir meet up with me during the month before to learn a quartet of "deck the halls in 7/8" which was awesome. in fact, the bass and soprano ended up dating and getting married after having met at the practices for that. ha!  2 other years we lived on campus, and I remember again singing with a roomful of people at the party (yes eggnog was served) and we had a Christmas Tree pinata that we took outside in the freezing cold and I had it loaded up with candy and actually .50 cent pieces and dollar coins.  In the video you see everyone rush in to grab stuff like a bunch of children. The next year, my former roomie performed a sort of amateur magic act. Anyway, those were the sort of memories going through my mind looking through that box of t-shirts.
I was at my folks' place all day enjoying an extra lazy Sunday what with having Monday off from work. my sisters came over and we were looking at all these slides that my dad had scanned into his computer of us as kids.  I did make it to the gym but not in time for a work out ( nor was my buddy there).  So today I plan to get up there this afternoon and do a double shoulder day/chest day workout to make up for yesterday.
Tomorrow will be a long day as it will be my first night back to teaching the night class.  Hope everyone is enjoying the national holiday Martin Luther Kind Day.