Saturday, January 12, 2013

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Sheltered instruction observation protocol

chill to this a few times today. I can't blog today I'm at an all day training that I for some reason agreed to do with some other teachers. It will be two Saturdays a month this spring, we DO get paid a stipend, and we'll be certified to train other teacher in the future etc, my resume, etc etc.. have a good Saturday! :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

wennny day

man this winter is getting TOUGH, tough to get through that is... thing is we had this email at school about a cohort for a 3 year doctorate program at OSU with classes here in the city one night a week (2 classes each semester, and summers). Cohort means the school pays!! woo hoo. I am considering it but only considering because I haven't taken the GRE, plus it involves a LOT of writing, 2 sample writings of past research papers, a career goals, and a purpose essay, and I don't what all else.. THere was an information meeting tonight about the application process that a teacher on our team went to so I get to find out more tomorrow. THing is we all have our master's already so we were unsure about the 54 hours required etc.. or if we'd still have to take the GRE. seriously though I'm not sure if I'd want to do it the next threes, on the other hand 3 years pass and I look back and think, gosh I could have had my doctorate by now and teaching college!! ugh.
 classes going well enough this week. no schedule changes yet, but eventually I'm losing two of my new comers classes and replacing them with 3rd year kids. they'll hate being in my class since they've not had to take a separate ESL class this year and will be taken out of a fun elective class to be placed in mine. oh joy!
ha There are 3 new students who arrived, one girl who is 17 and lived here for two years and learned some English, went back to Mexico and didn't go to school for 2 years, and now she's back here and we're wondering why is she considered a "newcomer".. blah and the other 2 kids we're actually excited about, a sister and brother from Acapulco Mexico, who sadly had to move here because of danger and safety issues living there the violence. They seem really well educated and socialized compared to the "kids from the sticks" I've had up to now..
 just looking forward to spring as usual this time of year. Get this week over with, and I'll be having dinner with my vet friend Friday night, and then a training deal all day Saturday, that we do get a stipend for... I hoping my NYC bud will let me know soon when he plans his vacation and if I'm out of school at the same time to apartment-sit his place in lower manhattan. I'm pretty excited if it will work out because I haven't been there in the spring before. NOTHING beats a free place to stay!
 I'm trying my best to keep up with every day gym visits. it SUCKS!!! Monday was chest, Wednesday back, tomorrow arms, and Friday legs. then hopefully I can get my butt up there on a SUnday for shoulders... THis is my plan as of now since I'll have class on Tuesday nights and then I can take a day off Saturday. please. no more to say here guys, only that there was a show on tv tonight called "stars in danger, high dive" which is about the dumbest show I've ever heard of, but I'm sure if I just wait something even dumber will come along. :) Somebody give me a yey or nay on the tunes....

tres chill.....

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Monday, January 07, 2013

got rhythm... ?

got a name... :P

I mean it's no big deal, the guy is younger than me and I'm not even interested, it's just fun to get some attention from a hot str8 dude regardless. ha ha... today he was going on and on about how he hurt himself one day doing a bunch of chest workouts etc etc blah blah and I was just listening completely and at one point I started barely licking my lips a bit.. ha ha. Like some non chalant come-on bar move but I did it kiddingly to myself really, not like that deep half drunk stare from past experiences talking to a guy that says, I'm so listening and into this conversation but not thinking anything about the words you're saying but really just get across I'm really in to you.. ha. I remember times like that. I can be such a talker, it's funny when I'm in tune with being the listener and able to say the right things to keep a person just going on. whoah..
anyway, I asked his name today, starts with a C, and explained that he'd called me a Mark a few times and that wasn't me, he laughed and said well he met about 5 guys that day he was working out and must have confused my name etc etc.. no big deal. We got into quite the conversation today about keeping motivated and then later during breaks in our workouts he approached me while getting off the scale, and I said you get up there and let's see. Then discussed what direction our weights were going etc etc. He's 5'11" and 199 lb (dude is round and muscly! but you can see where if he quit working out he'd start putting on other type of weight. ha). and I was 167 lb at 6'1"...which I'm glad to have lost the weight i put on after quitting work outs last summer and hopefully this year I can get back muscle weight only etc etc blah. we'll see about that.
I have to say the guy had on some flimsy white shorts and onthe lower backside like two basketballs, two giant round sides each. big ole round bulge out front of course as usual. I couldn't help notice a line across his cheeks going way up like a triangle around the topside of his curves.. I couldnt' figure out if it was like bikini briefs or what! ha ha.. and then sometimes I didn't see it at all. man it was hot, but eventually I figured out when he was sitting doing some excersise it pulled his shorts down a bit in back and I could see a blue briefs wristband and then his briefs underneath were getting hiked up onto his but... Definitely one of those moments of str8 guys have no idea how hot they are.. :) ah well, I notice such things but I'd never make a move on that, for one, he's str8 w a gf, he's young, and also it's just nice to have a regular gym bug to say hey to and have some conversation with at my gym. I will tell you that I have an inside joke with myself when I get off the treadmill sometimes and walk over to the floor and if I don't see him while walking over there, I say to myslef "where's my baby?" ha ha. just to crack myself up. Usually he's in the restroom at the time or has walked by and left when I haven't noticed 'cause I was really really into something on HGTV and didn't even notice who walked past beneath the screens. oh man! my goal now is to keep up gym visits daily and get really disciplined like I used to be. UGH!

awesome move...